Why Are Organic Candles Better?

For many years, I have learned how to  perform  candle magic from various types of candles. These  range from spiritual ritual candles like the figure candles, Santeria Candles  and  even  the  Angel candle glass  candles.  While these candles gave  me a bit of results, it was actually making genuine  organic  beeswax  candles that  got me to  really love candle making. When  I finally took a spell candle class in using beeswax, my perspective in spell magic completely changed. Candle making has become an inspiration to me.

I love the  fact that I make candles completely natural.  When I say this, I mean everything from the  beeswax to the organic herbs, and pure essential oils are in each candle.  I pride myself to make good quality candles. This is why I also  emphasize  in making custom ordered candles for my customers. I want the candle to be  fresh and also be able to give that nice powerful lift when someone are doing their candle spells.  Even though it cost a bit more for my materials, I have  two   reasons for my madness in going organic.   The first one
is that it is  actually eco-friendly. Unlike other  candles, you don’t get all the smoke  puffing out from the candles I make.  It  burns cleanly and it smells absolutely wonderful.  When  a candle smokes a lot its possible that candle may have other  chemicals that are  not as healthy for us.

The second reason why I  go organic is because  when everything is  made   naturally we can be more connected to the earth and nature itself.  This helps us feel more grounded and and it also gives a more positive push of energy to manifest the positive intentions we put into our candles.  After experimenting with this form of  candle making, I have  found  my true  passion of how to  provide healing energies for people that need the  extra positive lift  in  their lives. Everything that I make from my shop is 100% Pure and Organic.  As I explore other products like  bath salts ( which I am in the process of learning to make at this moment) , herb baths, incense, room sprays, lotions etc…   I  will still pride myself to make all my items organic and 100% natural. I want people to feel those loving positive energies in the products.  This is what I strive for in each product of mine. I would love to give people the chance experience to feeling these positive healing energies which is why I  created my store at Joie Joelle Creations 

On that note, I do think Organic is better. In my experience of making beeswax spell candles. I do feel it has been my  most successful way of creating spell candles that  do  manifest  the positive in my life.  I still continue to study and learn what I can to improve myself so I can grow and be a natural healer to the people who  feel they need to have these positive energies in their lives.

 Since we are on the topic of Organic, have you tried  anything organic? If so, what is it?  Does it make you  think that  organic is the better way to go for  some of the products?  Is there a product you feel  that you always need to purchase  organically? If so, what is it?


  1. Elizabeth Fairchild says:

    speaking of organic, i'm always leery of organic food products because of the prices :/ any kind of meat i feel should be produced organically (and not labeled "organic" for marketing purposes). thats another reason why i feel leery of buying organic because i wonder, is it really organic or is that just a label? first time i've been out to a trader joe's, i didnt want to leave lol! but i'm sad there isnt one close by where i live ūüôĀ and the "organic" products at cub i dont feel to crazy about :/ but anyways! … that was kind off topic … carry on! lol

    • Joelle Chan says:

      no we can talk about organic food… youre going to hate me then because trader joes is right around the corner from me lol… I go there all the time and yes they have organic food but the taste of the food is different and I think its worth it, I love trader joes and sprouts in my area its where I go buy the meat… soooooooo that's why I asked what have you tried organically and if it makes a difference to you!! it can be anything ūüôā thanks for commenting…

    • Elizabeth Fairchild says:

      well i remember when my mom first got me into oriental markets. i use to love going but now they've become more common and its hard to find a good one with a decent deli. not too long ago, i bought stir fry noodles that were already made, my mom and my brother got the same thing. i never realized how sensitive my stomach is to msg ūüôĀ my mom had stopped eating foods with msg for a long time so her and i both had really bad gut-aches. so… crap now i feel leery of oriental markets lol. its not the same anymore! i use to NOT be as sensitive with foods like that. i use to eat fastfood almost every other day when i was younger. now i cant eat a single mcdonald's cheeseburger without getting sick. i cant even drink carbonated drinks anymore! whats wrong with me? lol i s'pose its for the better anyway

  2. Joelle Chan says:

    maybe its healthier that way LOL, I know its bad but sometimes the body just says no thank you in that sense ūüôā

  3. Nicole Goerge says:

    The information shared in your post about the organic candles is really wonderful. I really enjoyed reading your post. Organic candles are made from raw materials such as soy wax, beeswax and palm wax. These candles are a much safer alternative, they are environment-friendly.

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