Who is your Angel Week 5/12


 Have you thought about your card this week?  I enjoy doing these cards for you and will keep at them of course to change the pace every now and then we  will work  with different decks as I like to do that to shift the energy. In the mean time  lets continue with the Angel Message  deck as  soon.  Remember Psychic Readings are available if you need  deeper insight from me.

If you have picked card 1, your angel is Crystal which says “Have faith and Hope, because there is something positive and new on the horizon that you can’t yet see.”  This card means that the seeds are planted for the situation that you have been working on. Perhaps you are disappointed with the fact that you haven’t  seen the results but  the Angels are  assuring you  you will reap these rewards you have been waiting on soon enough. Sometimes we have to just keep doing what we are doing and the end result  will come in time. So  keep plugging along here and don’t worry all of the hard work that you have done will pay off  eventually, Have faith and hope in all of this working out for the best. 

If you have picked card 2, your angel is Yvonne and it says “You have special bond with animals. Your pets on Earth and in Heaven are watched over by angels.” Angels love you , they feel comfortable by you. Did you know animals pick their owner rather than we pick them? this  card means you have that special gift to connect with animals whether its your own pet or  or any other  animal or  a neighbor’s pet, you can really develop an understanding on a deeper level with them. Cherish this gift of yours, because you are a special healer just for them. Animals need love and nurturing  too and you can give that back to them. Its ok to be close to the animals not only are you healing them, but they give you their healing energy too and who knows you just make  get insight on things without realizing that they have their own special way to communicate with you.

If you have picked card 3, your angel is Daniel and it says ” I am the Angel of Marriage and I am assisting you right now”  This card usually means that if you are marriage and you have been having issues with your partner, the angels are on your side  to  help you resolve the situations to help you balance your love area.  Sure its hard to accept  our partners quirks sometimes but the love is really there between the both of you regardless how it may look at times.  Sometimes we need to take a deeper look at our own self rather than  our partner,  what is it that we value and what do we want.  Have a clearer vision of your marriage. A marriage can be successful still even with its rough times. the first step is to heal your own self. Daniel coming in means that he is trying to help you  heal past wounds that you have not let go of yet, only by letting go and  releasing those pains will you  understand how to proceed with  your marriage better. It also means you may need to make changes  for yourself rather than hope he/she will make the changes instead. There maybe some  habits you may have learned from  your  parents that you are not fully aware that are affecting the marriage as we do learn from examples.  Don’t be afraid to admit things you have done wrong, and know while some things may work for others doesn’t mean they work for you. We have to be creative and be open to changing our own self. Just doing that will help draw back in our partner to  bring them forward. you be surprised  how  people view us different when we start making our own inner changes. Who knows maybe  you will inspire them to make their own changes too when they see how hard you have worked on improving your own self and  not worry about what they aren’t doing right!

If you are single, don’t worry you aren’t being left out in this…the similar applies here  to make changers in our own self… you just may attract the partner you are  looking for just by releasing the past wounds, healing your own soul and just moving forward on your own. In all time, when we break our own habits  that are no longer serving us,  you will find yourself enjoy life in a more healthier prospective.

 I hope these  cards have been inspirational this week. Leave a comment  and let me  know how  you did. Does  it resonate with you? Have a blessed week everyone!

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