Who is your Angel? Week 3/17/14

Thanks  for the  great posting  on facebook  and blog on your thoughts and comments for  the card of the week!  I find its important that you take time out  just to express your thought out which  card you are  choosing  for the week.  As  you work to do this and just make a small comment you be surprised how intuitive  you are! We are all psychic  in  our own little way and  know the Universe (God)  gave us that gift to  sense things, feels things whether  we think we are right  or wrong. A simple  practice of feeling   out the card for the week is gonna help you grow  a bit more spiritually aware.   So keep  practicing and you will see what I mean when I  say  this  ūüôā  

Now  for this weeks cards, if you picked card 1  you have Azure which says  “Your desired  outcome will occur in the near future. Have patience and faith and don’t try to force it to happen”   what this card means is to relax on the outcome!  Can you trust that  your outcome will come to you at the right time?  It’s so hard to trust the universe or  Angels  because we always want what we desire at your own timeframe. So many people get  disappointed when don’t happen when they think they should!  In all reality, not everything  is going to happen exactly  the way you think it should happen anyways. ( I’ve learned this the hard way. so I do understand). So stop being a control freak lol.  Just relax and  enjoy life! When  you let go of things that you can’t control,  whatever your desire outcome is, will happen. It’s just the matter of  giving it  time for  it manifest and trusting that the universe has your back and  working its magic in the background. Just keep in mind this, your  desire outcome will manifest when you let go, however it may have its bumps down the road before it gets to your outcome but  nevertheless you will get what you wish for.  Trust, have faith and believe, miracles do happen when we let go of control! ūüôā

If you  picked card 2 this week you have Serephina which says  “I am the Angel of families. A happy change or addition is coming to your family”  Are you having family troubles?  Can’t seem to resolve  a situation within the family?  Spouse disagreements?   Maybe you have a close  friend that  you consider like a family  member  in some ways but somehow things have  not been flowing well between the both of you. Whatever the tension or build up may be,  know that Serephina  is on  your side to bring  peace to you and your love ones. No matter how much you go ” Can this be  fixed?” “Does he/she still love me?”   or whatever  is troubling  your heart this very moment , know there will be an answer and it will get  resolved.  You may feel  frustrated, angry,disorganized, flustered because it seems you cant come up with a  solution now and if  this how you feel take a mental break from even  thinking about it! Let God or the Universe find the answer! Sometimes its not about us that needs to find the answer,  rather its the Universe  that creates the opportunities and gives us that  nudge to take action at the right time and  place. While there is still hope to fix things, know that compromise  is in order as well.  For example, if you been having difficulty  getting along with someone for a while,  realize that its not all her/his fault.   The  universe does not discriminate and will show you   how to compromise, and accept making changes on your end as well as   their end. When you  can both  agree to make the smallest changes,  you  not only find peace  between each other but you will rediscover  that they still love you  just as much you love them.  

If you picked card 3 this week you have Zanna which says “you are protected from all types of harm. The worst is now behind you. I ask you to relax and feel safe”  this means to let go of your  past hurts and pains. you are surrounded with lots of love and protection. Know that similar  events will not reoccur as long as you understand the lessons behind all those past events.  Accept what that lesson was, and  find a way to make a change  to better yourself! Stop digging up the pain in the past and whatever you do, do not try to  lump everyone in the same boat for those that hurt you.  If you do this to yourself, not only are hurting yourself far more than they are hurting you , but it also means that you did not accept the lesson behind what they are were trying to teach you  in the first place.   If you think about it, any recurring  hurtful actions (even if they are done  by different people)  means you have a lesson to learn and need to be more perceptive. Afterall, everyone you meet has a lesson to give  and if you don’t learn what the lesson is with one person , you will get it again and again until you have learned the lesson.  So step back and rethink things and ask yourself “what were they trying to teach me??” Once you figure this out,  you will heal and be able to move forward in your own life.  Even if you  part ways with those hurtful people, do realize that sometimes when they hurt us they are only doing us a favor. It shows you that they are not healthy enough to be part of your life. Perhaps they have more self growth to do on their own and  parting ways is usually the best case scenario. After All, the universe is protecting you from that person. When you come to grips of the reality of why things have happened the way they did,  they you can be open to changing yourself for the better! There is always room to improve yourself. And if you are willing to work hard at making  healthier changes for yourself, you will realize the past is really the past and the future is what you create it to be!  

So  how was the cards this week for you?  Did  you get the clarity you needed for yourself?  If not , you can always  request a  psychic reading with me and I be happy to guide you along the way. Otherwise, what are your thoughts about  todays cards? Did  it make sense to you?


  1. kmkramos says:

    I have to learn to relax & not let things build up & eat away at me when trying to pick a card or just in everyday life. Not everyone is going to care for me as I care for them.

  2. kmkramos says:

    I have to learn to relax & not let things build up & eat away at me when trying to pick a card or just in everyday life. Not everyone is going to care for me as I care for them.

  3. Joelle Chan says:

    Kmkramos I know its hard to just and let things be even i had to learn it… the good thing is when we can do this we can enjoy life better ūüôā

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