Which Angel is With You? For Week 4/28

Looks like i ma  gonna switch the energy up this week and  take out  a Angel Message cards this time. Sorry, I had to take a week off from  cutting  my left hand that it was  hard for me  to actually  type much so I really took a week off   to just rest my hand. Even typing for psychic readings  was a bit difficult to do  but now it seems that the pain is slowly going away  and I am  typing a bit more  normal  so thank goodness for that ūüôā So begin with the cards here  for this week

 If  you have picked card 1 you have Raye   which says  “Yoga and exercise are essential to your well being, peace of mind and spiritual growth right now.”  this  means take the time go out and  breathe. do some exercise  it doesn’t have to yoga but yoga does help you connect to yourself more spiritually  which also means you can find your own answers  more effectively.  But if you odnt like  yoga try even doing  some walking, go get some fresh air, your body needs that  movement and when you come back from even a simple exercise even like a  walking, you will end up  having a clearer mind which can help you  think on things  more clearly. Sometimes we need  a time out to quiet our mind and doing yoga any type of exercise is a great way to just connect to our physical bodies better.   Of course if you ever try yoga, you will love how spiritual  you  become , it will even help you open up your  chakras, which is essential  in opening up your mind to  receive that angel guidance you have been searching for…

If you picked  card 2,   you have Adriana that says ” I am leading you toward the Answer to your prayers. Please listen to and follow the steps I am communicating with you through your intuition, thoughts and dreams.”  This means whatever you have asking for help or guidance is on the way. Perhaps you have been getting the same  thought or action to do but you have put it off because you’re not certain?   This card means that its time to take action on whatever steps you were thinking of that seem to keep coming back into your mind some how. It can also mean these initial  steps need to be taken before your  prayers will be answered. Remember they have heard your prayers and want to help you take your steps, so you can achieve  your results,  trust what you feel , think or  dream about, its there way of saying hey were are here to lead the way. Let us guide you.

 If  you are card 3, you have Aurora which says You are flying high right now,  which may threaten others. But don’t descend, because others will soon become  inspired by your example.”  Things are moving up for you,  some how you are getting the  results needed and success  is  ever growing. Whatever you do ,  don’t question  it, even if some people  may be jealous  of  how things are going your way lately. Remember you have worked hard to get where you need to be. Even if people are jealous in time they will  be more inspired in how far you have come along the way. So instead of them  being jealous of your  success, you will become their inspiration for  their own future. Keep  dreaming  big and  know every small step you are taking now leads to bigger and better things for your own future.

So how did you do. Just a reminder I am always available for psychic readings. In fact there is a special going on here as for limited time my Live chat 15 minutes and  30 minutes are  on sale. you will be able to see the sale sign when you check out the link there.  in the mean time, take all these cards as  positive for the week!

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