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As a  psychic reader,   many clients always  want to know when  something will happen.  The simple answer I  give is when they  invest  their time and energy into what spirit suggests for their situation. I am  living  proof of  doing  this  all these years and my strongest client  base are the ones who do not believe me and  do the absolute opposite of what I have suggested only  to find out  later  that what I  predicted  came to pass.  Many clients  have their  view of things and  while everyone is entitled to believe what they choose to believe, it is hard even as a psychic reader for me to  ignore the strong energies and messages that come through during a reading .   I am  going to share a real story with  you about a client of mine. For the sake of her confidentiality, I am going to  call her Joan.

Joan   used to get  readings  with me  3 years ago about her  relationship. At that time, she was deeply in love with her ex that came back expressing  how  much he  missed her and wanted to make things right.  At the beginning, things  looked sincere and  promising  but  after  a few months  he was  reverting  back to  his  old  ways which  was a  heartbreaking experience for her.  Yet,  no matter how many times I warned her, she  held on to this relationship to the  very end.   From the moment, I first  read her  I had told her that he had not changed. I had told her that he  was putting on this mask of him being a different man when he really wasn’t. The sad part about  this was  as sweet as she was to me, she also had a habit to trying to convince me that he was really different than what I was picking  up on  the man.

I didn’t argue with her, I only warned her. The next spiritual message I said to her was  he was being dishonest with her  about who he was and how  was  hiding a deep dark secret that she never  knew about.  I even saw  her not feeling well and some how the message  was related to  him  giving her health issues. At that time I thought maybe it was just a bad  cold but it  was deeper than that. She got sick and got tested only to find out she caught STDs. She didn’t know how except only to think  it was from him. It turns out he knew he had Stds and  he  purposely  infected  her  so she  would  not  leave  the relationship  and try to be with  another man. This was one of the  hardest times  she was  going through, and  its hard when a client  truly believes she needs to work this  out with him because  he  is supposed to be her true love and soul mate. Many times, I  told her to leave him as he would not treat  her well and take her for granted.  But  no matter how much I tried to persuade  her to look at the truth of who he was,  her  blinders were on and she only wanted  believe  her truth instead.

Things got even tougher when she came back to tell me, that she was engaged to him! I was flabbergasted at the news. Literally, I was thinking to myself “what is she doing?”  After all the harsh things he said to her, the fact  she now has Std’s and   now he even blames her  for  how the relationship was going,  she still hung in there. I  was so annoyed at that time and even when she told me all the signs pointed that she should leave the relationship she told me no she will do whatever it  takes  to have this relationship because she  loves  him. Also,  she was  pregnant with  their first child. Once again, I told her the truth that he was using  her  and that the pregnancy wasn’t out of love it was to keep her attached to him so that no man would come to her.  Turns out, she told me that I was being unsupportive of her relationship and  not  able to see what she was seeing. She was really upset  because she told me she was spending all this money on  readings only to not get what she needed from  me. I was  shocked as I was trying so hard to warn her everything that happened was unfolding. I guess the   one question she asked was  “if this marriage was  going to last?” I asked her if  she   wanted an honest answer to that. And her answer was  “just tell me whatever you want to tell me.” My  prediction  for her was  “ Spirit  says  get a  prenup because  if you do not do this  he will take you for a  ride and  take everything  from you  when you do divorce.   I do not  know how  long   this marriage will last, it feels  short to me. But when you do  divorce him, the entire truth of why did what he did will come out and it will  anger you to the point that its going to be hard to trust men. But at least your child will be the biggest  blessing for you in the end of this.”

After that last prediction, I did not hear from her for a good 3 years. Seriously, she never came back until a  last month!  It was then, that she remembered my readings and  told me the  honest truth  of  her situation. Everything she saw was a mask,  he totally explained to her  why  he got her pregnant and  why  he  gave her Stds ,  he even said that he  did not really love her. The hardest part was he was cheating on her.   Then she said to me “ you know what was the kicker?   I am now in the middle  of  divorcing  him and  I wish I had listened to all the warnings you gave me.   I did  not get a prenup as  you suggested and  now I am been taken for a ride.”

It was very hard for her to admit the truth of everything I could see  at the time but regardless I still was warm and compassionate to her and  tried to be her emotional support for  one of the toughest times yet. I am surprised she remembered me but I also know that  she  is  going to be a long term   client. Even though she had some rough times, I still was able to give her  some good news with someone new coming in her life.   I told her that even though there are the roughest times,  as long as she saw some growth in herself, then that is what really matters. She  totally agreed  about the life changing experience she had. She also told me she appreciated the fact that I didn’t give false hopes. As a reader,  I have learned to not ignore the spiritual messages that come through even  if  its not the best of news. I have learned whether  its good or bad news I want my client  to be able make the best of  either  outcome. More importantly, I always want to be able to feel I am doing the best I can as messenger and that I am able to empower  a client at the end of each session.

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Ready to get some psychic insight? Schedule a reading here


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