Using Magical Spell Powders and Herb Incenses

If you have come  across my store lately,  you might have come across  incense  powders or  herb incenses.   I have been having fun  in  being really creative  with the  incenses and as I work  with them I actually love how it enhances my spell work with my candles. Spell  powders or herb incenses  give off a nice vibrational  energy in the air.   Normally, I   light my spell candle then I will take some charcoal put in a  cauldron then  add the incense on to the  charcoal.  Once I have both the incense and candle  burning that is when I usually say my prayers in what I want to manifest. this has actually worked  effectively very well.  The combination  has worked wonders for me and I have found that it has really given me  even more better results.  This is also how I have come up with the concept of  spell kits for my shop which I am excited to share with you soon as they slowly start coming to my store.

Of course its not  to say  incenses arent effective on their  own. In all honesty,  they are great to use as an energy boost  alone. I  often  just burning  herb incense to give  off spiritual energy when I dont feel I need a candle.  Sometimes  herb  incenses are really great for clearing things out you.  If you want something strong to cleanse I recommend the home cleansing herb incense. It’s one of my favorite creations because it really does  remove negative energies and gives off a relaxing and calming feeling which comes from the lavender herb.

My healing  herb incense that is also wonderful. this  blend not  only gives off that healing energy but what I also have noticed  is that I get a good  restful sleep  burning  this blend. I  feel more refreshed when I wake up the  next morning. The blend itself removes  blckages iwthout your own spiritual energy that you can feel as well.

The  difference between spell powders and  herb incenses is usually  powders are infused  with  essential oils  mixed in. While herb incenses are all natural and have no essential oils blended into the mixture.  It really  is a matter of preference on  your part as both  powders and  herb  incenses are just as equally effective.  Check out the incenses at my store. you just might  be surprised how wonderful they work. you don’t need much to burn for them to be effective either. A little bit goes a long way.

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