Treat Box Time

Sorry I have been busy getting  things sorted!  I haven’t had the chance to  update but now that I things back on track again , I can  get back on  here! Anyways, I wanted  to tell everyone I had a nice surprise  from out of the box sampler again.  This month they had a Death by Chocolate  box which was  all  containing  food samples. Since   I donated 100 samples for the month of March, Michelle was kind enough to give me these goodies as an exchange for my generous  donation. this time I made sure I look pictures  of everything  before  I actually started eating anything out of here!

 I actually ate this cookie , its very soft which I like.  There were  two  of these.its called the chocolate raspberry cookie  by Sweets for the Sweet.  Actually I didn’t  taste the  raspberry , not sure if there was suppose to be any raspberry  flavor in it  so to me when  I ate this I saw  it as a chocolate chip cookie, its pretty good super soft too when I had it.

Ok this one was  from  Lisa’s Cookie table and I actually tried the Chocolate  covered  cherry   shortbread she made  in the middle so far. It was so yummy  and i actually loved it. I already  book her store  on Etsy as I  would so buy  these from her if  I wanted to have these cookies  with my tea or  coffee. I high recommend it… Can’t wait to try the rest!

I tried the  caramel popcorn, I think its suppose to be gluten free… Sadly it was a big soggy and didn’t have that fluffy popcorn crunch probably  was it was in a the bag for a bit… but still have yet the try the peeps and the chocolate  bunny.  Yummyilicous Treats sent  a cake truffle here its seems to be chocolate  on the inside and I think its  white chocolate  on the outside.  Surprising the white chocolate  isn’t sweet…  and the cake is moist. The only thing is I think  I taste the white chocolate more so cant really taste the cake.

 Black Tie Caramel makes really soft yummy caramel. If you like  caramel  I recommend them. I am not caramel freak  but its pretty good I even like it.  I have yet to try the  granola  mix ( although it looks  good and healthy) , covered  almonds and  the brownie  looks yummy too…

Pineapple brown Sugar Caramels sound good from Antoillier Chocolates. Although i have bookmarked them already as  last time  they sent the spicy Mexican toffee and that was very yummy so this should  be  good too, I  will check it out later… There’s a spring court tea I will have to try later and  two chocolates I will need to try later.

That  cocoa with marshmallows looks good will need to try that soon!  and Ken’s Air Peanut brittle I had this in December and let me say its the best  peanut brittle so Iv have them book marked  when I ready  to make those  purchases. And that  lollipop looks good too will try it.

 Well that concludes all the  treats that came in the mail. I actually these treat boxes and I think I will be ordering these  boxes when  they come around as gifts! I love getting sampler boxes, they are a lot of fun!


  1. Joelle Chan says:

    they are alot of fun , too bad they aren't around every month otherwise I always try them out! but its a great experience having them , because I actually do end up ordering from these companies once I know which ones I like best.

    OOTBS, is going to have another site coming out where she will do food sample boxes only so that will be pretty awesome too Can't want for that site to be up ūüôā

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