Transformation Candle

Well I have to say after putting up the shop a few weeks on Etsy , it has come to my attention that people are making the Transformation Candle as their #1 favorite of what they are seeing so I thought I share a bit about this candle for those that want a bit more detail this item ūüôā

First, in all honesty I love and hate this candle at the same time lol. Honesty, who really wants to face their own self issues? It’s hard to work on it alone because we sometimes aren’t in the mood to deal with our issues. After all, its no fun either… so why deal with it right? But deep down we know that eventually we have to face what is deep in our soul and be more real with our own self. The benefit of this candle is that whether you know the issue or not , it will come out your system. I have done this candle several times already and it works great alone! But if you are super moody and light this candle watch out because it really kicks you into gear to face what is surfacing up. Yes, you get moody, its that black wax with the Dark moon oil that gives it a pow that you need. It’s why I have put a caution in my listing to warn you of the effect of bringing out of the moodiness. Of course I have counter balance the black with the white… you know like ying and yang ūüėČ

The white wax is for healing.. once you get all moody and you accept your deepest issues, the healing takes place… You start accepting you who you truly are, the good, the bad, and the ugly. The healing actually blocks you from hurting yourself emotionally. Instead of hurting yourself, you will begin to make those changes in your own self that you have been afraid to do all this time. It also gives that lift of any negative thoughts or feelings that been lingering in you. I call it the transformation candle because when you are your worse enemy, and you know it, then the next step is to make the transformation in yourself.

Transformation in our own self is the stage of healing the core of our soul. It’s the most important step to do. Once we let go things that no longer serves us, we start feeling lighter and happy with our own self. When we can do that, we can manifest what we really want in life and not be afraid of it.

So take a chance on this candle. It wont bite you, it will just be real with you so it can help heal yourself.

Transformation Candle Set

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