Christmas decorations

This year I actually got up my Christmas stuff on time so I thought I show you what I bring out each year. I will say part of the reason I get pushed  to decorate my  place slightly  is because of St.Christopher. He loves Christmas, its his favorite  holiday of the year. Not to mention that  I can see his spirit, and every time the holidays come he seems to  pop out his Santa Suit… well he is adorable as always  if he was  physically alive I probably  hug him all the time ūüôā

The first one I wanted to show you  is my Christmas  Wreath.  I did this one years  ago with  a old friend of mine. She actually helped me put it together.  I wont forget the experience  in making it.   I  brought everything at Michael’s back then and I went right after Halloween time where I used at 40% coupon on the wreath  and then we were lucky to see a sale on all those decorations  for the wreath as well.  I never knew it was that easy to  assemble. But we did it in less than hour. It was fun to be able to create what I wanted.  The one thing I will always remember is St.Chris  being so  insistent  on the Frosted Berries under the Bird lol.  At that time  both me and my friend would  argue with him and say  sorry Chris this isn’t going to fit on the wreath. They he was firm going yes it will  right under the bird please… needless to say he was so right and when I  looked at my wreath I could believe how  perfect it turned  out. I absolutely love  it. To this day when I go to Michael’s to look at  new Christmas  decorations for the a new wreath,  it isn’t the same. the decorations are more expensive and not as lovely as when I first went there.  So I am blessed to have this  to decorate it.

My next decoration  is the Christmas tree. . My friend that decorated  the wreath  gave  it  to me for  my first Christmas when I moved to La Jolla.  Its absolutely adorable as I never owned a Christmas  tree before and she got it for me because she knew how much I loved teddy bears so she said  it  totally matched me! Every time I see it I  think its great.  My friend also got me some of the most beautiful mini ornaments  to go along  with it plus I love the Angel topper she gave me. I also have a star topper too. but I usually  use the Angel topper because I think about my guides.  But I did just swap  it out and put the star on there too so you can see a  bit of difference. ūüôā

Of course here is the cute Christmas Tree Skirt the Chris picked out and he had to have that baby snowman too… my friend got the two teddy bears  for me  to match my Christmas tree and I did put my mom right by the tree as its her favorite holiday.

This  is my Christmas rug  I put by the door so its right where my wreath is.  I like my Christmas wreath right inside. I know I am  odd but every time I see my wreath in my home I am happy  it gives  me that positive energy. Well this concludes my Christmas  decorations   hope you enjoyed what I have ūüôā

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