Think Positive Collection

Another Treasury collection  and I love the  title Think Positive.  When it comes to the  collection,  I love the  rainbow chakra bracelet listed.  It was  one of the  items that  caught my attention a while back and I also have it marked as one of my favorites . Her bracelets actually  look wonderful that I could  wear them on a daily basis.  I did  try  Chakra  bracelets  before  in the  past and they do work.  It really does shift the energy somehow  even  though I am not completely   familiar with the process  of  how it works.

 This time the  my Mini Money Drawing Candle made it into this  treasury. I love many candles,  normally  I light money candles  all the time. I normally do the regular  Money Draw candle and sometimes I will make these mini ones to give it  little  burst to  keep the energy going!   Just make  sure that you  visualize how you will be  receiving  your  money.  The key is to believe what you are casting  and say it with a strong intention. The more  you  believe in your work and allow the universe do its its magic, the more you are  going to what results  you can  produce through your  own personal power from   any of these candles  in  my shop.

Check out the collection , and let me know what you think, if you have  any  thoughts  on it let me know  ūüėČ


  1. Joelle Chan says:

    I love the craftcult widget, just like the design of it ūüôā And yes I loved the title i was happy to be included in the title with the work I do for my shop ūüôā

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