The Power of Sage

White Sage Loose Leaf for cleansing, remove negativity, wisdom longevity, protection, wishes

If you haven’t heard  already Sage  is a  powerful herb that  has so many effects for us spiritually. For one most people  know that  sage is great for cleansing  negative energy.  The most common way is  to light sage and  blow  through the house even  in the corners. Some people like to do a  through a sweep of their home but i can also  understand that  sometimes even white sage been  lit this way be rather smoky and perhaps  its a bit sensitive  for others but that doesn’t mean that there aren’t any other  alternatives out there which is why I have  created a  few more sage  products to give  options for you decide what works best for you.

Sage Green Pillar Aromatherapy candle,for cleansing, wisdom, divination, protection, exocrism, protection longevity, wishes

The first product that you probably saw in my shop lately is the sage candle…  This  candle as the sage scent and I have even added  white sage into the candle to give  it a boost of power. While it  works great alone , its also  even better when you get  creative.  If you are using it to cleansing your room and dont like blowing sage around your home consider trying to add some of my cleansing oil  to the candle to give it  an added effect.

White Sage Ritual Oil helps removes negative energies, purification for sacred space, homes, blessings, protection wisdom


Another  effective oil I just created is Sage ritual oil which  has essential oil of the white sage. Also I added White sage leaves in each bottle with  a charge crystal  in there to help clear negativity. You will feel the  power of the  oil very well and adding to the  candle  itself will give a wonderful effect, its almost like  blowing  sage  around your home only you dont have to do the blowing.  After  all  blowing sage can get  messy anyways and this a great way to  do your cleansing  f the home. Cleansing our space is so important it helps  keep negativity away and brings in positive energy  to us so we can keep motivated  and enjoy your life better.  Did you know even when you cleanse your home and people  come visit, they can feel the wonderful energy?? It  works wonders for people , it can give a bit of aura cleanse to people who come by your home. So remember  cleansing  is great for everyone all the way around.

Psychic Eye spell Oil for opening third eye chakra, clairvoyance, psychic abilities,

Another power sage has is it can help with meditation and  intuition. It can open up psychic awareness, if you want to really increase your psychic intuition  or try to work on meditation more try the combination of the sage candle and the psychic eye oil i have in my shop. This can help you enhance your psychic abilities.

White Sage Smudge Room Spray Mist for cleansing, clearing space, remove negative energy,protection, divination

If you are really need something  lighter and are a bit  sensitive to candles or blowing sage, try  the Sage room spray. It’s might  lighter but also very effective. I love room sprays, sometimes I get a bit lazy  about wanting to burn sage and  in order to pick up the energy and  lift it up the energy instantly i would spray  around the room with this bottle to give  it a quick cleanse. Sometimes we just dont need the whole pricess and  spray around the room  can do wonders. Either way , always  remember to go  with what you feel draws you in when you want to make purchase. It’s the best way to selecting the right products to work for you.

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