The Power of Dragon Blood, How to Work It’s Magic


Dragon’s blood  is one of the most powerful  resins to work with. It is versatile  when it comes to the use of almost any spell you are working on. Basically one  of the things I love about Dragon’s blood  is the fact that  it really adds a lot of strength  to a candle I am making.  When I make my hand rolled candles, sometimes I will  add dragon blood  to a candle.   It all depends on whether I feel that personalized candle needs the added touch  but for the most part   it has been working quite effectively when  people have been  using my magical items. Either way,  don’t discount this  Resin , its one of the best items to keep in handy for many reasons but here are a few  tips  when it comes to working  with Dragon  blood.

Since Dragon  blood can  be  used in various ways,  I recommend the  Dragon blood Resin to work with. Even though this  resin  is in big chunks,  it is highly effective. All you need to do is  grind it up. It may not be much  when  it is all  grinded  but  just a small pinch goes along way. So when you  grind Dragon blond, use a mortar and  pestle. The reason why is because you need to  think of  your intention  first. What  is the  purpose of this Dragon blood? Are you trying to remove negativity?  add more strength to your  magic spells? Whatever you decide  to do set that  intention  in your mind. Focus on that  intention and  grind away  until you feel  you have sent energy to the dragon’s blood  for its purpose you are asking it to do. Once you grind  this all  up either  rub it on the candle to burn with it.  or  burn it on charcoal  while you can  cast your spells.  Just burning the  resin will get you to feel  some  energy removal. It does  act like white sage when  it   comes to cleansing  which is a good  alternative to  cleansing as well since  Dragon’s blood has no scent  at all… this can be good  for you if you are sensitive to  scents or even the white sage smell…

Dragon’s blood Room spray is acts  like white sage spray. Although I have to say it really gives a masculine  scent which at first I wasn’t  sure about but over time I have used  this spray so much over the  white sage spray and I feel its because it actually  helps   lifts my mood up. I  also  can feel  it removing   blocks, stress or worries  clouding my  energy field so its really a different way to cleanse but overall its one of the sprays I use a lot. Something I  keep using when necessary. The spray is  highly effective, It’s all just a matter of preference in what you prefer.

Dragon  perfume roll ons , yet again this is a  masculine scent yet because you roll it on , it lasts longer and even is strongly scented which  helps you  be in a better mood.  Again, it will remove worries, self doubts, clear  whatever blockages in  or around your energy field.  Try  wearing this perfume oil when they are  so negative. We all know  people that are constantly negative can  suck us dry.  So  wearing  this perfume roll can help you not be affected by their negative vibrations. It will help you stay positive for your own self.  I know I don’t have picture of this  but i am just waiting for my  jojoba  oil to come  in and  I will have this out in the shop this month so just keep your eyes  peeled for it, It will  pop up!

Ahhhh…Dragon blood Candles, just how do we use these? Similar  to Sage, just   adding dragon’s  blood oil to a dragon’s  blood candle  can  help  at as a cleansing  candle.  The main use of dragon blood candles with dragon blood is for the  purpose.  Let’s say you want to get a bit more creative with this candle.  Dragons blood candles are great for  removing blockages of any  kind… I mean pretty much anything you can think of… lets say you want to improve your love  life but  perhaps there are blockages preventing  you from  having your wish come  true. What I would do is take a one of the candles and  add both  Dragons blood oil and  love oil ( of your choice) to the candle. Rub the oil all the way around the candle and  ask for the candle to remove any  or all blockages to strength the candle.  be sure to ask for strength and protection  from  being  hurt in the process before you  light the candle.

With Dragon’s blood Oil, its  one the  best additions to  any spell candle.  I  find that this spell oil can  be applied  to any candle I have in the shop. Really just be creative with it.  Normally, I  either ask  to  strengthen my spell candles. So for example, I do money candles and  what I do is  add both  oils  money draw  and  dragon  blood oil to  the green  candle i have and ask for it to remove  any  blockages from receiving more money and to add strength to give it more power  to bring more money my way.  The main thing is do not be shy about asking  for what you want with dragon’s blood. I love this resin as yes resins are a bit pricey but they are so worth it.  It’s just a  good investment all the way around and I encourage you to  explore and be creative  in your spell casting with this resin. you may find this  resin as a keeper for your  magical  needs. Be sure to stop by  here if you like  to try the Dragon’s blood collection.


Ready to try some dragon blood? Buy it here.

Ready to try some dragon blood? Buy it here.


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