The Magic of Spell Candle Tarts

If you havent already  noticed,  I have been slowly adding my collection  of the spell candle  tarts to my shop.   All spell  tarts are made of pure beeswax  which I have  tested and found out the  scent  of the tarts are  very strong and long lasting. I  have been hearing about how  scented  tarts are starting to be popular  in electric warmers and it was a good friend of mine that mentioned making tarts for shop.  Nevertheless, I started  experimenting  with  the  spell tarts. All spell tarts have  charged  herbs  in each of them which I hand  grind and  charge up  with intentions  so its ready to go for your magical needs. 

When it comes to spell tarts  this is what I normally do, I get everything ready to set up my  candle of  choice. It is all depending  on what I am casting at that time.  Let’s say I want to do a Love candle. Here are the steps I do in a general love spell.

Step 1.  You need a Red Candle. Red is a good color for general attracting love overall. As always, I will add the spell oil to the candle. Pick a  spell oil you  connect with.  I like Love oil but there are other oils that you can work  with, its all a choice of preference. Rub the spell  oil all the way around the candle and  start visualizing the love you want to attract… since we are doing a general love attraction  candle I think one of the best ways  to do this general  love attraction is to have general  visualization of the  how a relationship would be in your life.  Its much easier to work  it that way then to focus  on  a specific person  you are trying to attract, this way you are open to all the possibilities. Then light the candle. If you are looking  for a love candle, try this  Love Pillar candle pictured above.

Step 2. I like spell incense because burning spell incense gives it an  extra energy to push it out of energy.  I have a cauldron and I usually light charcoal and  then add Love incense powder  immediately… You can feel the  power of the  positivity being pushed out  which the  Love candle is burning  on the side.

3. Because  incense  burns so  quickly, this is why spell tarts are a great addition to casting spells.  I take  2 Love spell tarts and  hold them in my hand while I visualize the same intention I started with at the beginning with the candle.  then drop into the  electric warmer and  let the  tarts melt slowly.   The scent will fill up the entire room. What this does is that brings in more positive energy that you can feel.

4. Because pillar candles need to burn  slowly between  2-4 hours a time depending on the size of the candle,  the best part is the same tarts can be used several times. These spell  tarts, can be used for about 10-12  ( for 2 cubes) hours, you just have experiment and see how it works for you.

Give  spell tarts a try, I personally have loving it and  its something I do every now and then when I feel   I need that extra  magic touch.

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