The Magic of Good Luck Candles

It’s been a while since I  blogged  but that is because  my business has  been picking up and since  I am the only one that does everything from creating to all these social media post,  it seems the day never ends! Every time I working my shop, I love the energy I bring  to  product I bring  to my shop. One my  newest creations  is the  Good Luck Candles and  it has taken me  a good 6 months to  make the right ingredients  to work  it effectively. The difference  between Good Luck candles and Money  Drawing candles is Good Luck candles can really draw in money more  quickly and bring more good things to your life. I thought the hardest challenge in doing  good luck candles  was the  oil itself. Again it was through experimentation and  of testing that got me this far to producing the candle itself.  The Good Luck oil itself  has been  steeped with  herbs and  even  high john conqueror to make sure all  blockages are cleared  so it can  create   more opportunities  to  receiving  more good luck your way. Keep in mind  you can be getting money  from all  different sources so always have an  open mind.

I have  gotten  back to making handrolled  candles. These good luck candles are  very quick to activate. Personally I love  doing these because of the energy  I sent through  each of these candles individually.  The idea of making  these types of candles was to have more money come  your way a bit quicker. I have gotten  requests many times of  producing Good Luck candles when to comes gambling or lotto  or  finding a way to  obtain money quicker. That  being said,  it doesnt  guarantee  winning  the lotto or gambling lol ( I wish it was that easy) but what  it can help you with  is find  sources of  income in  unexpected places. It can   even  increase more sales  even  quicker,   just think of this as your emergency money  candle!

Also be sure to try out the  votive and pillar  versions. It reminds me of Christmas  but I still love the sent it gives off. In fact  someone  already gave an excellent on the pillar candle which i am glad its working for them.  Below  you can see the  compliment

“This candle smells sooo good and it worked quickly!! Fast fast shipping..great products from Joie! I received my candle yesterday..lit it..received a direct deposit that I was told that I would receive Wednesday or Thursday. I needed the money badly and I woke up with the money in my account:) “

Regards which type you try, you should be able to  manifest a  more  extra cash coming your way. Remember, the more grateful you are with what you receive, the  more  you will continue to receive on its way!

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