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Have  you been  casting spells but haven’t seen  results? Well take the time to invest in  getting some Success Spell oil! Why  is it important? It’s because success spell oil helps release anything that is  blocking  you from  your getting results. The key is using success spell oil can help strengthen your magic casting even further. Whether you add it  money, love, healing, prosperity or any other spells you think of it, it gives a  big push to helping you  get your results better.  But what if you can’t find  a  success spell oil? Would you rather make your own?

The most simplest way to make  success oil is to get a  High John Conqueror  Root. These roots are expensive but so worth it. When I first  encounter it, I didn’t even know what to think of it but my  teacher had taught me how to work with it.  Hence, I have to say I use  this root in some of spells oils as it  really enhances the  strength of the oil  making  it even more magical. So to create a simple Success spell Oil all you need is:

A Few High John Conqueror roots ( 2-3 roots work for a small jar lets say a 4 oz  glass bottle), more roots mean its going to be more potent, and more effective)
Grapeseed Oil
Cinnamon oil
A Jar, Dark glass jar works best

1.  First  thing to do is  try to  chop the  High John roots in half if possible.  They are very hard so actually  small roots might work best!  or if  you can find the  high roots in chips you can do it that way. I like the idea of using  whole roots. The energy is there and when you are  breaking the  root apart, you are   putting your energy into it, which will be even more effective for you.  While 2-3 roots are efficient, more is better but also use your own intuition when you are  making  this oil. Does it feel the right amount, if not don’t be afraid to add more. Do what feels right to you. When all the chopping of the roots are complete, be sure to put it in your empty jar.

2. Add the Grapeseed oil  covering the all the roots in the jar. Now add cinnamon oil. 1- drops is sufficient, Cinnamon  oil is  strong and can  irritate the skin. So usually 2 drops is pretty strong. Of course you can add more if you like ( use your nose)  here. If you find it too strong on the cinnamon,  dilute it with a bit more grapeseed oil

3. Now the fun part, use your dominant hand, to close the jar, making sure its tight. Think about what you want to be  successful in… and create your own chant to this.  What is it that you want this oil to do… it doesn’t need to be specific. It can be as general as successful in love, money, prosperity,  job  hunting etc… or heck all of the  above. The main thing is  you need to know exactly what this  oil is for because  you need to be able to visualize this before you shake the bottle…

4.  Shake the Bottle  vigorously with your dominant hand. Visualize  your energy from your  dominant hand transferring  from the bottle. The Key is to shake the bottle until your hand is really tired of doing it… That is really how you transfer energy into your spell oils.

5. Once you are done , put it aside… its best to shake the  bottle every now and then to give it energy, the success oil needs to be steeped  for  6 weeks minimum, 8  weeks is best and longer is better before use.

6. Want to enhance it  more? Be sure to take your spell oil out  during  the night  and let the moon’s energy shine on the bottle then take it back in the house. You still need to have it stepped until you have it 6-8 weeks  in there without use.

7.  Yes its alot the first time but the best part is you can make  it over and over, in the same bottle and it doesnt mean you have to buy new high john conqueror roots either. Sometimes I use the same roots in the bottle because it feels there is still enough power to the root for another use.  Use your intuition to feel the roots.

So where can you get these High John Roots?  You can stop by  here or Etsy store to pick some up.  Remember that  key to successful spell casting is using a success oil, be it this recipe or any other  success oil, its bound to help you manifest what you want with great results. Make this year a success for yourself.

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