The Banish Set is My Miracle

The Banish Candle and oil  has  been added  to  my shop this month and I am  here to tell you a bit about it in  how it works.   The Banish candle  helps clears any negative thoughts, feelings that we have within our self.  It also helps  remove any hidden blockages we may have within our self too. Sometimes we don’t realize that we are own worse enemy at things and when we use this candle it can help  us move forward  in life in the way we need to in order to feel positive within our self. If you have been  self sabotaging your own self, give this candle a try.

 Last week, I attempted testing this candle out  with the Banish oil.  What I have  noticed with this candle is that it really helps me remove any negative thoughts  or feelings within myself.  What I didn’t expect it to do is help my left ankle heal itself.  For months my  left ankle has be sore  from all the exercise I do every week.  I used have to put medicine on my ankle. For the first time when I actually let this Banish  candle burn, I could feel  some healing  energy  take place on my ankle.  To my surprise, the banish candle was  the best medicine for me because I could feel  something was lifted off my ankle. Once the  candle was completely burned, I didn’t feel any pain like normally would  when I  go exercise.  I can’t believe I can exercise normally and feel good about it.It’s quite a miracle that the Banish candle took care of pain in my left ankle. Perhaps it wasn’t a physical pain that I was  working through. It might have been some sort of blockage that I wasn’t aware of that was lifted by the candle itself. Even though I don’t know what kind of blockage my left ankle had,  I am  grateful  for how it has provided such  awesome healing energies.

 It also took me 4 months to create the Banish Oil. This oil  takes me  2 months for me to make it  as it has to be  steeped in  with herbs and essential oils. The idea of this oil to help you break bad habits,  helps block your negative thinking and helps you refocus on yourself in a positive way.  You don’t need to hurt yourself anymore. Stop being your own worse enemy with this oil out.  Release whatever it is that you can’t stand about  yourself with this oil.  Sometimes we don’t even know what blockages we have in our self but the oil itself is just as effective  on its own. Add this  oil on a  white or black candle and ask it to remove out any negative thoughts, feelings, and blockages within your own self, you  just might be surprised with the results. 

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