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She can be trusted!!! All of her predictions have always come to pass! Been talking with her for 10 yrs!!! She is straightforward and will tell you the truth….even if it’s not want u want to hear! That’s only because she is authentic and TRULY CARES!!! Trust me, I have learned the HARD WAY by dismissing her insight, advice and predictions!!! I’ll never make that mistake again!!!! If you don’t want fluff…but someone who is a genuine, gifted psychic, then she is your girl!!!! 100% hands down the absolute best on here!!!!!!! And I’ve spoke to many over the years!!!!!!! Many blessings and hugs to all!!! 🙂 Love and light!  – urmysunshine31 Apr 5 2017


She had a lot of details and read into my situation very well. I feel more in control of my situation and I’m ready to start making changes. This was such an informative, kind and empowering reading. I would highly recommend her and I will be in contact for a follow up reading soon! Many, many thanks Joelle! – Noor Jan24, 2017


She is like a friend on the other end of the internet. Thanks for your years of continued support along my path! Cheers to growth!! -IncarnatedSoul Oct 29, 2016


Amazing. Insight was so very accurate. Joelle was extremely helpful with her advice and guidance and in identifying the issues. I highly recommend. – Sherry777  Oct 11, 2016


Sorry, my iPad was misbehaving I missed to have a proper ending of our convo. I loved how you are always being honest, straightforward and so far everything you predicted before was correct. I love how you remind your clients of their power to create happy/unhappy future. Hugs! –  You Guide, I create Oct 21, 2016

OUTSTANDING!!!!! I only asked Joelle one question in the beginning of the chat and she unfolded the whole picture for me to see. I am BLOWN AWAY at the accuracy of her reading. She got the way I felt, she got the way how the other person felt…She explained what I could do/manifest…she explained how the energy work and how things could manifest depending on the energy I create…I AM BLOWN AWAY, JOELLE! You are wayyyy more than a psychic who only give insights on the situations asked, you explain your clients how to create the future and what is possible. Priceless! THANK YOU! – You Guide, I create  Mar 25, 2016

Spirit and Joelle are amazing!!!! they are my gps in my life right now..they give the directions, they guide me to reach my destination….amazing how things are working out since i have followed Joelle’s and spirits advice- Robert7  Jan 14, 2016

Always honest and very quick with the connection. She has a great way of delivering the truth and has been accurate in the past. THANKYOU! – Orange Nov 15, 2015


Joelle has always been straight to the point and always right about her predictions! I always love coming to her. She tells the truth, like it or not and doesn’t sugar coat anything. Sometimes the truth hurts, but she’s absolutely right!! Thanx Joelle for putting it in front of my face, i guess I have to hear it afterall!!

I had session with her few years ago about the ex bf i was with at the time, she told me he was still connected with his ex, I didnt want to believe it at the time even though i know she was right. now i came back again for my current relationship, she is spot on about his personality. lol i will talk to you soon again. thank you Joelle. you are the best.

Joelle is the best! She is more than outstanding. She has been 100% correct in everything she has seen and told me. She has taught me things that I didn’t even know about myself. Talking with her has opened doors for me and has helped me correct the things that have been stopping me. Thank you sooooo very much Joelle !!!

Thank you Joelle for taking my call. You have always been great and honest with all the insights into my situation. Have known Joelle for years and things that she mentioned came to pass for me. She always steered me in the right direction with her guidance. Love her honesty and the kind manner she delivers the information. Thank you again!

I have been talking to Joelle for the better part of this year and many of her predictions panned out. She said months ago the guy I dated last year is still with the gal that he cheated on me with, and I got confirmation that it was true this week. She also said the last guy I dated is not interested in his ex, and he will get tired of her manipulation, and cut all ties with her, which absolutely happened. She also predicted that he would test my boundaries a lot, and wouldn’t be a good person to move in with, which turned out to be very true. There were several other predictions that definitely came true. A lot of this was very tough to hear and I didn’t want to believe it, in fact I got upset! But this reader is spot on. My only wish was that I had a timeframe for when good things are going to happen in my love life. LOL Thanks, Joelle, you are a very good friend!


Joie Joelle Shop

I lit my beautifully packaged candles back to back a few days ago and today my wonderful dad gifted me $100. This candle works:) (Mini Good Luck Candles)


I kid you not, I just got this candle spell kit today at noon and I did not even light it yet and I got a phone call for a job interview for next Friday. And that was my intention with the candle to get a job and money to come in. After I did light it, I had two lottery tickets and won on both of them. I am in AWE right now seriously kind of in shock. Just Amazing!!! Super fast shipping, so nicely packaged. I felt like a kid on Christmas day unwrapping presents. I will be a repeat customer for a long time to come. Thank you so much!!! Your Amazing!!! ( Mini Money Drawing Spell Kit)


Wow! This candle worked I literally 90 minutes after it finished burning. Long time love and I had parted with hard feelings. Hadn’t spoken in over a month. An hour and half after this candle finished, he called me to apologize for his actions. Prior to that, lots of avoidance and acrimony between us. Make sure you clear the junk beforehand by using a Freedom candle first. I don’t know where we will end up but at least now I’m sure we can be good friends like we were before….way to go Joelle! (Love & Healing Candle)

Great candles! and great seller. I can already see the effects beginning to work. High quality and well made. Each candle is unique. Considering these candles are hand made, shipping was fast. The candles were packaged very carefully and the instructions were very easy to follow. Any questions I had were answered promptly and clearly. I will be purchasing more in the future! ( Mini Freedom Candles)

Bought this for a friend and the first day wearing it she came into money and got praised at work. ( Success Spell Oil)

I feel renewed! Immediately after burning this candle, my life started to take a positive change! Doors have been opening for me only where there were walls, I am so excited to be done with the past! (Healing Votive Spell Candles)

The day after this arrived (it was a gift for someone) I was having a terrible day… so, I opened this up, sprayed the house, and I honestly did have a great day after that!! Thanks again!! A++++++++++ (Happiness Perfume Spray)

worked very well. Gave an extra boost to the candle. Shipping was fast communication excellent.Thank u for the sample sent along. ( Healing Spell Oil)

These candles are wonderful!!! I have had a huge boost in my sales and great business ideas for growth from mediating with these candles, that has pushed me in new directions. But just like Joyce says, you have to be willing to do the work, the positive energy from the candles will help to manifest success when you are taking the action towards that success. With that said, the candles work! The scent of the herbs and oil is lovely. Joyce is such a positive and kind person, when I had any questions she was always willing to answer them and offer her encouragement. Thank you Joyce I am so grateful for your candles and the work that you do! 🙂 (Money Drawing Spell Candle)

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