Tarot 101 Basics of Reading Tarot For Yourself


Have you ever wanted to  learn how to read the Tarot  more effectively? I’m here to show you the basics of reading tarot more quickly. Here a  few  things you can do if you are a beginner.  First thing you are going to need is a deck of tarot cards.  It’s important for you to decide what deck you connect with. As lovely as some decks are ,  you may do well with certain decks  over others and that is ok.   We all vibe with different  imagery, the main thing  is to decide which deck works for you. If you know you work  better with medieval decks stick to them. If you feel animal is your calling  pick  those decks. I  tend to   like medieval and angel decks more so I use them those mainly. Any other deck is just a collection. If  you are still undecided, head to your nearest  book store and go to the new age section and  go to where tarot cards are. Use  your dominant  hand and  hold the  tarot box of your choice. If you hand does not want to let go the box,  then it is the deck you should be working with.

Once you have your deck, you might want  to get a tarot bag,  because you’re going to add sea salt  in there. Every time  you are done with the cards,   be sure to  put it back into your tarot bag and shake  the  cards with the salt. This  activates   a good cleanse where the cards feel  positive every time  for you. Its one the best ways I think  is great to keep the energy high  so your readings  are highly accurate as well.


Now you may think I am weird, but I will be honest with you. I write  on my  tarot cards.  I recommend you write with a sharpie  on the cards. This is a great way for you to learn what each card means. All you need to do is have  key words of what you the card represents to you. The  only  meanings you need to write is the  upright  meanings. Do not  worry  about reversed  meanings.   You want to train yourself to understand the positive of each card here as best as you can, so working  with upright meanings is a great start. In fact in this exercise keep all your cards  in upright  position.


Now get a notebook and pen.  You are going to shuffle cards and cut the deck. There’s no rule how many times to shuffle or cut. My  tip  here for you is to cut and shuffle deck until  you feel  you need to stop.  As you are shuffling and cutting the deck be sure you ask out loud “ what is the message of the day?”  It may be hard to read for yourself so put it in third person, say your name instead. I would say “what is the message for Joelle today?” Pull the top card, and make sure you have  it upright facing.  Then intuitively read what naturally comes to you. Don’t worry about the reversed meanings, but rather on the intent of the message. Write it down  in your notebook. It should be easier to read the card because remember you already written some key words for the card.  Even if  you donot know if the message is right, write down whatever messages you get through the card. As you do this as a daily practice, you will build  a bond with your tarot deck and before you know  it, the messages become more  fluid to you. You will get messages quicker over time and even if the message is negative to a degree at least you picked up intuitively on your own.  Over time, look at over your notebook and you will see you will get sharper at  reading for yourself.


Need to get some insight with tarot cards? Schedule a reading here.

Need to get some insight with tarot cards? Schedule a reading here.

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