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Another Treasury to check out right here, just in time for the holidays too.  the Cozy Winter Collection is  featuring my Build Your Own  Spell Box.   This spell box gives  you a  chance to select two  spell  Full spell candles of  your choice, 1 pair of mini  candles and  then it comes with a healing spray as well as  4 oz of Love bath salts. The candles all  come with the matching  oils too.  Instructions are included for the spell candles… It’s all wrapped up   reading  for the holidays  so  check it out  if you  to bring  some magic  into your life for the holidays. ūüôā  Christmas  magic  would be totally awesome too. So check it out at my shop on Etsy. In the  meantime  enjoy the treasury, I just love how  I get featured but I  love it more to see all the  unique  things that people find  which I would have never have  discovered  without them making these lovely  treasuries.

Here’s another  Treasury  that is interesting too, again my  Build own spell box was selected  but  what I love about this is that its many candles  in this  category. And  with it being winter time over here in the US , I find it even more relaxing when candles are  lit. I  love the   Hollow Tree candle  holder, it  is very  unique, so I have to say that it  one my favorites  in this collection.   You can  check out   Candles & Some Unique Holders -Spiritual

 And For your magical   needs, here  is  another treasury to look at : Magical Gifts  for those that   want  to spread a bit of magic in their life… yes again my Spell box was   featured….  but I just enjoy seeing  the treasuries people make no matter  whether I am in them  or not ūüôā

Ahhh my favorite  treasury  because its full of  cute stuff  from  Kawaii  Team…  my favorite   in this  collection is  the Sephiroth plushie   goodness I love that character just as much as Cloud and to this date, that is my favorite Final  Fantasy game I have every played… but then again I really into RPG games and  I am quite good at them too ūüôā  I miss   playing them  though  just don’t have  the time  to do   it when there is so much other things I need to do for myself these days… maybe I can get back into gaming  again  when I can find the time… but in the mean time   enjoy this collection too.

It was quite a surprise to   to be featured  in these 4  treasuries last month for  with my  Spell box.  I  feel   honored to be  chosen   too so thank you do all those curators for making wonderful  treasuries! Remember to support handmade,   lots of love  goes into those products.    ūüôā

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