St.Michael Angel Cards Week 3/31/14

 It’s that time again for you to use your intuition and decide which card is right for you! Again,  St.Michael has great wisdom  here for your enjoyment! I still can’t believe we are rolling into April  already! Wow time   flies so fast doesn’t it? still feels the year just started too  lol.   Well then lets get started on the cards shall we?

 This  week if you picked card one ,  the message says “Lean on God and the Angels  For Support” It’s time to ask for help from the universe.  As much as you have tried to  figure out  and  come up with your own solutions in how to resolve  certain situations, sometimes the best  course of action is to let god and the Universe take over.  I know its hard when you think you can’t find the  answer on your own but sometimes a little  help  of  from heaven goes  a long way.  In all honesty,  I  always feel the universe knows best, they have all the answers LOL …  So try not to stress over  whatever  you are dealing with and let the universe find  the solution instead. Take a mental break from every pondering over the situation. The  best answers ( and miracles for that matter are when  we let go and let the universe find the answers instead.

 If  you have  pick card 2  today, you  got ” your children are watched over by the angels” simply put if you have been worried about your  children  and  their  decisions  or  just not sure if they are on the right path, don’t worry  you can rest assure that your  children are safe and whatever  lessons they are learning that they are still protected and will learn  whatever it is that  needs to be learned in their own way. Granted as much as we like to be  overprotective of our children, its best to let them explore on their  own and let  them  learn more about who they are becoming so they are can develop as the person they feel comfortable being. Let your children do their self growth and know that  they are  really watched over by the  universe.   Even  if you don’t have  children this can  be also  applied to  perhaps someone you have been worried about  in terms of their   decisions or choices. This can be  also applied to  your partner a loved one, a friend or family member.  Remember, everyone has their own life path to flow and although you may  feel they are not heading in the right direction, just know that they may choose to head in a different route but in the end they will still learn what they  need to learn  for themselves. So relax, don’t stress or worry on them. They are always watched over by the universe.

 If you have  chosen card 3 this week,  you got ” A favorable outcome” whatever concerns you may be having or if you have a situation  you have been  trying  to resolve, know that  the universe will give you an answer soon.  Just because you haven’t found a  resolution of whatever you have been dealing  with, doesn’t mean there isn’t one. In fact,  even though you may have not found a solution, just trust that the universe is working on  finding a solution for you at this time. So relax,  let go and  don’t stress over  whatever you have been worried about.  When you can let go, the answer/solution will manifest to you  in your favor. It will be a fair outcome and  you will discover the universe was always on your side. All it took  was you to have faith in the universe to resolve things for you.

 So how was your card this week?   I am always here available for a in depth psychic readings.  Otherwise comment below, how was your card  this week? Did  it resonate with what you are going through? Share you thoughts below ūüôā

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