St.Michael Angel Cards For Week 4/7

Once again, its time for another  card  revealing to get your message from St.Michael. Have you  used your intuition to pick your cards? hopefully, this  has been helping you strengthen your own spiritual self! It’s  always  fun  to see what you pick and  how well the card you pick  matches  you!.  So lets get on  with this weeks cards shall we?

 This week if you picked Card 1  you have the message ” You are on the right path”  This means whatever you have been working  on even if you are unsure that you are actually  moving along in the right  direction.   It may be a  bit scary  that you are  listening to your own inner guidance at this time but rest assure that  you are  walking  in the right direction. Your spirit  guides and  angels are right  by your side helping you make the  right decisions  for yourself. So think of this card as validation.  For everything you are doing it will lead up to  achieving  your goals even if you cant see the outcome yet, it is in your favor. Trust  your own inner  guidance as you have been doing and  it will lead you to  victory in the end.

If you have picked  card 2 you have ” Forgive  yourself: You have done nothing wrong.”  Drawing this  card  means that  you have been  reflecting  back too much  of the past of what has  done . You’re probably  debating   and  having this thought ” What if i could change things?”  Stop wondering  what if you could do this or  that , because you are  giving  yourself  batty and most likely  hurting your own self  for what  has happened in the past to the point that  you some how  place more self blame than you realize.  Know that the past is the past, and what you decided to  do back then  be it a good decision  or  a  bad decision  was  right at the time for you. It was the best you could do at that time. You certainly dont need to beat yourself down and  do tell your  younger self its ok I forgive you because  as we  live  in the present and  keep moving forward we  grow,  and become a better person  along the way.  So relax ,  breath ad be more gentle  with yourself. Love yourself to the  fullest.  In the end you will come to discover, you are always  doing the best you know how to do at the time you do it.

If you  have picked card 3  you have “Decide to be happy now” In orders are your thoughts   filled with desire of  if  only you had  this or that, then you would happier?  This card  really means  for you to start  living  in the present  now. be grateful with what you have  now.  Can you find the  blessings around you at this current time?   Part  of  steps  of being happy later in  the future  is to enjoy what you have at he present. While there is nothing wrong in  planning  for the future for your own happiness ,  its also important to  not put too much  thought into it that  you can  have the tendency to forget that  you need enjoy what you have now. Enjoying what you have around  you attracts  more  better things to come along. Being grateful  each day  not only helps you feel more relaxed but it  will help you  flow better  each day so that you can  be the creator of your  destiny. If you can do that , you will be able to reach those  desires sooner  simply  by  just  be happy within the  present  moment.  Give it a try, you be surprised at the results when you just step back  enjoy the present time you are currently.

 So how did you do this week? Was it the right card for you?  Do you   need more  deeper insight in your situation? If so  I am always available for  psychic readings. hopefully, you are building a stronger intuition from picking  your card for the week ūüôā Enjoy  the rest of the week and  keep me posted in how things are going for you.


  1. Twitch - Lynne says:

    Oh, Joelle, as always, right on target! I picked #1, and you have no idea how much that card means to me right now. Hubs and I area making some giant changes in our life, including moving from a 2-bed townhouse to a studio – which has no official bedrooms. I'm excited about it, but I've been worried about it being a good idea.

    Thanks! I can't wait to see what next week's cards have in store for us!

  2. Joelle Chan says:

    That's awesome to hear Lynne! Always trust what you feel, guess that gave you a good confirmation that things are moving along the way it needs to! Change is good and moving is good as I always say out with the old in with the new! keep me posted on how things go for you xoxo

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