St Michael cards For Week 4/14

Are you ready  for  this a new of cards? So far I’m getting great feedback in how  the card  people are  picking is resonating with them! Great  job in picking the right card for you. And  don’t worry if  it doesn’t seem to  fit your situation  right away. After all, you are practicing  intuition and  trusting yourself  which cards feels right to you. In time you will get stronger with your intuition and pick  the right cards  for yourself.

This  week if you have  picked card 1,  you have  “Romance Angels are helping you”  This usually concerns with your love life. Have  you been  wondering  about  your love life for a while? If so, know these angels are on your side and trying to help you manifest this area  in your life. Before they can do that, you need to take the time to think about  what it is  that  you want out of your love life.   If you’re in a  relationship, is it  going the way you  like it go?  If not change it! Follow your  intuition as that its the romance  angels trying to guide in the right  direction.  If you are  single, don’t worry love will find  you  too. The question is how do you  imagine he or she will find you?  You are the power of  your own  reality! So get busy this week to get your mind thinking exactly how you want to create your love life.  once you decide on it, follow  your intuition and let  it lead the way!

If you have picked card 2, this is the time to believe and trust in yourself.   It’s also the time to  focus on the  positive of whatever situation  you have been  dwelling on. If you have been trying to resolve  a situation for some time ,  trust that  it is being taken care of. Try not to debate so much on the situation  over and over. Let the  universe take over now. You have done your part. Now its time for the  universe to create the  opportunities to help move things along  for you rather than you trying to  figure all of this out. Relax,  breathe and know everything will fall into place at the right time.  Trust and believe!

If you have  picked card  3, it says  explore your options. have you been putting up with a certain  situation?   Or are you always the one compromising??  Stop!  It’s time  to take  that power back and start  turning things around. If you are no getting  results on your end  then  its time to find  a  different route to things.  Make a change for the better. Don’t be afraid to  try something  new. Don’t be afraid to step away from something or someone  that no longer  serves you. Be honest with yourself. If you aren’t getting  results  then  its time to find the  alternative path that will help you achieve  your own happiness where you will be  happier. You  deserve the best and  sometimes it just takes time for you to be open to other options to get what you deserve.

Sorry  I  had this out late this week. I am trying to get back on track with things and so as promised  i have this out  on Tuesday ūüôā  If you have are needing more indepth insight,  I can  help you   with a personal   psychic reading to get you back on track.  Otherwise, hope the  card you picked   this week has resonates with you! Have a great week everyone ūüôā

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