St. Michael Angel Cards week 3/24/14

This week I wanted to change  up the deck a  bit.  Thought I give  it a  bit of pace change and work with St.Michael 🙂   For those of you that don’t know, I do work under St.Michael, he is the Archangel  that  watches over me and my  work and sometimes he  does pay me a little visit every now and then.  It’s also why my little St.Chris  always answers  to him as Boss 🙂  If you haven’t  encounter St. Michael, I  do open one  day he  touches upon you  as I  feel very blessed that I  have him for guidance  in my life. St. Michael is strong ,  courageous, and compassionate  with  the delivery of  his messages. his inner wisdom is strength for us all.  So for this week’s cards lets see what they are 🙂

If  you have  picked card one it says  to Use
Your Imagination and  You will  See the Answer! It’s time to step
back and think a bit  differently this
week to your deepest concerns. If you have been   beating your head
against the same wall to try to find an answer I ask you to STOP!  For
heaven’s sake, could it be you are stuck in thinking there is only one way to
go about  things ( your way?)   It’s time to be more open minded
about making a change for yourself. Sometimes the answer is not something you
think it  should be.   You have been  hinted  various
 times by the universe to take action  in  other ways that may
have felt uncomfortable  to you.  After all, its not something you
would normally do! But that is the point, be different take the risk and do
things  differently. Even if its a suggestion from  someone that you
think is totally  off the rocker , don’t discount their  wisdom
 they have shared  with you.  Take the chance to try it their
way,  or take the chance to do something that just came to you that you
normally would refuse to do in the first place. I know I have come to the point
where I didn’t listen to myself back then and was stubborn! But over the years,
I have become much more open minded taking in suggestions and  it has worked wonders.  Sometimes 
advice or even  ideas   have already 
been given to  us and  all we have to do is try something out
of  norm. Only then will  find your answer and  do that self growth t to evolve into a better  person. When you allow yourself to grow, you
open more   wonderful opportunities ahead
of you and you also resolve  the
situation   that you couldn’t do  but simply 
taking the change to make a change in yourself!  Try it, you be surprised what you can achieve
when you actually  step out of your
comfort zone  to do something  that a bit scary . In the end  it becomes 
highly effective!  

If you have
picked  card 2,  the card is It’s time to leave this unhealthy
situation”   Yes  as painful 
as it  is to hear,  its time to move on from whatever situation
you have  been hanging  on to long! Whether its with someone you
love, a friend or family member.  You
have been trying way too hard to hang on. 
If it’s a relationship, it means that person isn’t going to change so
why are you allowing yourself to  hang on
to something that no  longer has the  value? Believe or not we out grow things in
our life and  its nothing to  be ashamed of.  Sometimes it not even in our control, its our
partners that aren’t helping themselves to improve their  own self. 
Think of it this way, if you decide 
to stay not only are you  just settling  for 
it, you are  putting yourself in
that situation  far too long  because you don’t  value your own self worth enough to say “ I
deserve better”  With that comes action
to “LEAVE”.  If you  don’t leave it’s the same  cycle and the worse of it  all is that 
you may have  actually  hurt your own self  more affecting  you emotionally and mentally too.   This is something  I 
have   explained  over the years to many  clients 
of mine and its so 
disheartening  to see  a 
person   sit there  waiting for happiness to happen  when its us that needs to take  the final 
action.  Cut your losses ,   it may hurt , you may cry  and go through a  string 
of emotions but know that is normal because we all have  a healing stage we have to go through before
you can official  start  something new. Remember be your own best
friend, no one knows you better than YOU! You are the one that lives your life
and you are the one that understands you better than anyone else can.  As much as I wish everyone had a partner  that 
could  read them like a book   this is not 
one of the cases. So do yourself a favor.  Step away from  that person that you are dealing with
and  start moving forward for yourself. You
owe it to yourself. Whether they come back or not is their choice.  But always be open to other options, what if
you could have something better? You will never know until you leave the
situation… only then will you  find the
answer  to yourself and  be able to create the happiness  you desire and been waiting on for a very
long time.

If you have
picked card 3 the card says “Admit the truth to yourself and act accordingly”
This means stop lying to yourself that things are fine when they really aren’t at
this time. Stop trying  to compromise with
people  that don’t even bother to be  considerate to  your feelings.  Don’t go with the I don’t’ care or whatever “
attitude”  either lol. Because deep down
you do care, you do want people to understand you and respect you but before
that can even happen you need to start 
being more real with yourself and 
be honest  with yourself  with the person you are today!  Making a change to improve yourself will help
you  gain greater insight in who you will help  build self confidence
and  in time you will get the respect
you  deserve from others. In all honesty,
when you are open to  change the current
you, the new you  will emerge and you
will feel so much better because you finally understand who you are and what
makes you tick and what boundaries you need to set for the people in your life.
Now only will end up redefining your character but you will  have a brand new perspective about how life
is. So  take the time  to sit down and get a piece of paper and pen.
 Then write down all your  positive 
on one side and   all the negative
habits you have… how can  you improve
it??  And 
take the one  that is easiest for
you start working on.  Also keep note
some of your strongest positive habits can be our worse. For example being over
giving is a good one. So learn to give and receive more effective to the right
people.   And one more thing, don’t rush
trying to break your habits!  Habits don’t
break in weeks! Let’s keep it real I have seen  
clients take months or even years to change a habit of theirs so it does
take time. But, if you are more aware and more honest with yourself that
you  slipped  up again here there , you will  have more strength to overcome things that
you could do from the very start. But the first step is always be honest with
your own self. Only then you can you be open to make changes, it starts with

 So how were the cards  this week? 
Do you need deeper insight?   As
always  psychic readings are available
with me.  Other wise, comment below, let me know how you  did, and thank you for all of those that have
been  interacting  with me to 
share your thoughts!  May you have
a blessed week! 🙂


  1. Twitch - Lynne says:

    Thanks, Joelle. I picked card 2, and it really resonated with me. We are in the process of making some big changes in our lives. I don't know that I would consider our current situation as unhealthy, but it definitely needed to change. I'm getting outside my comfort zone and forcing myself to make some major changes.

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