Shop Feature: Tiki Bar Soap

This week’s shop Feature is Tiki Bar Soap

1. How did you come up with the Name of your Shop?

My shop is called Tiki Bar Soap. I really liked the play on words, Tiki Bar, a Bar of Soap… I also really like 50s retro and rockabilly themed items, from clothing to housewares, so I thought my little bath and body company should be a reflection of that. I try to stick to that theme when designing labels, packaging, and products. At first I was only going to offer drink scents, but have since branched out into a range of essential oil and fragrance products that nearly everyone will enjoy. 

 Natural Soap, Handmade, Shea Butter Soap, Cocoa Butter Soap, Scuppernong Wine Soap, Palm Oil Vegan Soap

2. Tell us a little bit about your shop and what you think makes it unique?
I make handmade vegan bath and body products that are also palm oil free. I eat a high raw vegan diet 85% of the time (hey, no one is perfect! and I do have free range eggs from time to time but besides that my diet is devoid of animal products) and wanted to create something that everyone could enjoy, even very strict vegans. None of my products contain honey, beeswax, silk, goats milk, etc. I also check with my suppliers to ensure that every item I purchase is deemed vegan friendly and has not been tested on animals.

3. What is your favorite item at the store and why?
My dead sea facial products – the soap and mud mask – my skin has truly been transformed since I started using them. Less oil, fewer breakouts, just overall awesome skin.
Mineral Makeup All Natural Mineral Foundation 

4. What inspires create your products?
Even though I come from a very technical background, I have always been very artistic and creative. My business is a natural outlet for my creativity and I really enjoy planning the colors, scents, and themes of all of the items I create.

5. Where can we find you?

Online at and on etsy at
Vegan Lip Gloss, Lip Balm, Adorable Lip Balms, Kawaii Lip Gloss

6. Do you have any coupons or discounts for us?

30% off, use code psyched

7. What advice can you give for other sellers out there for their shop?

Don’t give up! Success isn’t instant, and you have to continue to work at it. Even though I have been in business now for over a year and this is now my full time gig, I have tons of areas to improve upon. No one is perfect, and you should not expect immediate success or an income that will replace your day job to instantly materialize. You get back what you put in, but you have to focus your efforts or you can be putting in lots and getting back very little.

Now some fun facts about you
I love pandas! I also like green smoothies, programming and web development, I TRY to exercise every day (I love working out, but it is sometimes difficult to find the time! I would live in the gym if I could though). I also have 3 very spoiled cats. I have a PhD in chemistry. I am really into natural childbirth – both our kids have been born at home. I like watching cartoons and kids movies. I am really into EDM and that is basically all I listen to all day. I also like gardening but this is only the second year I haven’t killed all my plants. I suppose the fact that they go into my soaps is motivation to water them! I also have more time now that I am not working full time plus soaping full time to remember to water them ūüôā

8. What is your Favorite Food?

Hands down Thai – I love anything spicy.

9. Describe us one positive event in your life in your life that you felt was a miracle to you or that you knew the Universe was there watching over you.

When I was 16 I had a car wreck that should have killed me. When I got out of the car a man in a white suit came over and prayed with me, then vanished. Now, I am not a very religious person or anything, but I really do think this was a miracle. My friend later told me that it was most likely his crazy uncle that liked to wear a white tux from time to time. I told him if it was his uncle, he put on the tux to come out and help me, but whatever the case I felt like that moment was really transcending.

10. What is your favorite vacation shop and why?
I always spend most of my money on food and coffee when I am traveling, and like to pick up little trinkets from local street vendors – support handmade, you know? I also try to study the language before taking a trip so that I can least make an attempt to start a conversation, ask for directions, hail a cab, etc. So far I have learned Spanish, French, and Japanese (sort of, lol. Like I said TRY)

11. Anything else you like to share about you?

I love doing custom orders! Just shoot me a message on my contact form, I would love to hear from you!

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