Shop Feature: So Pretty In Paint

This week’s shop feature is So Pretty In Paint by Stacey Hann.  I love her signs, especially the baby sign she made. It makes me smile.  If you like to collector of signs or  find that signs and phrases are useful then you may find something that you like at her shop.  Read more about her and her work below.

1. How did you come up with the Name of your Shop?
When I first started making creations I was making them for myself and my house. As I’d look at the finished piece, I’d think “this just look so much prettier in paint.”

2. Tell us a little bit about your shop and what you think makes it unique?
Most of my creations started off as an idea that someone brought to me. I love making custom pieces. I do not have enough space in my house to make all of the ideas I come up with, so I have to wait until someone asks for something and then I can create it. A lot of times I will work with clients, through numerous versions, to come up with a piece that is just perfect for them. I think being able to work with clients is unique. I do not want to make cookie cutter items, I want them to be special and unique. I will work with clients through the editing process for free because I want their item to be perfect!

3. What is your favorite item at the store and why?My favorite item is the Life is short, drink great wine sign! Why? Because I love wine! My husband and I do a lot of wine tasting, got engaged and then married at a vineyard. So I guess wine has a soft spot in my heart ūüôā

4. What inspires create your products?
My clients are my inspiration!

5. Where can we find you?
Esty @ SoPrettyInPaintShop. On Facebook or my blog

6. Do you have any coupons or discounts for us?
5% off with coupon code JOELLE5

7. What advice can you give for other sellers out there for their shop?
Responding the client and prospective client emails as fast as possible has defiantly helped me! Also, spending way to much time trying to figure out the various shipping methods and therefore trying to keep shipping as cheap as possible.

Now some fun facts about you

8. What is your Favorite Food?
Pizza!! Pretty sure I could eat pizza for every meal for the rest of my life and not get sick of it ūüôā

9. Describe us one positive event in your life in your life that you felt was a miracle to you or that you knew the Universe was there watching over you. 

About 10 years ago I decided I needed a change and decided to move to Switzerland to become an Au Pair (live in Nanny). I quit my job, sold my car, packed everything I owned into a storage unit and boarded a plane. Halfway around the world later, I stepped into another country where everything was in a language I knew nothing about. Prior to leaving my comfort zone, I was the type of person that would “talk the talk but not walk the talk” and I was determined to break out of that, and boy did I ever. I spent 4 months learning a new language, traveling and learning more about myself than I ever thought possible. Being away from everything I knew and my family was very hard. There were many nights that I cried myself to sleep but I stuck it out and I’m glad I did. I made some life long friends and have memories I’ll never forget. Getting out of my bubble was important to me but I couldn’t have done it alone. Someone, somewhere must have been watching over me and I’m grateful for them everyday!

10. What is your favorite vacation shop and why?

Number 1 on my bucket list, is Antarctica. I have not been there but am desperate to go there at some point in my life! There is a cruise that goes there and someday I will be on that cruise!! Somewhere I’ve been, our family river house. The house sits about 10 feet away from the river and it is by far the most peaceful and relaxing spot I can think of.

11. Anything else you like to share about you?
So Pretty in Paint is just a side job for me now. Hopefully some day I’ll be able to ditch the boring 9-5 job and take this full time. I would love to do something I am passionate about full time. Outside of my two full time jobs, I have two Siberian Huskies and an amazing husband! This summer I am helping a few friends with their wedding decor and am loving every minute that I get to spend doing something creative!


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