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This week’s shop feature is Sip Studio where you can  get  custom made business cards. I think it’s nice to be able to make your own  business cards if you are a shop owner. So if you are looking for something unique with a sense of  style for your business,  try  Sip Studio here.  Read  below more about this shop.

   1. How did you come up with the Name of your Shop?
When I first created my shop I thought to myself, ‘what do I want to be
known as?’ To me, this was a very easy question, so I chose my
initials. Boring I know, It’s not as creative as other peoples, but I
like to keep things simple.

2. Tell us a little bit about your shop and what you think makes it unique?
I sell a variety of affordable pre-made logos for small business’. I
also offer custom design work for those who wish to have something a
little more personal! I’d say the designs in my shop were unique
compared to others, as I like to experiment with different mediums such
as watercolour.

Pre-Made Logo Design 'Fox & Hedge' // Graphic Design // Business Branding

3. What is your favorite item at the store and why?

Mhmm… well, I’m going to have to say the ‘Blossoms’ pre-made logo for
sure! It features a lovely flower embellished circle, it’s just perfect.
It’s also helped me in a way too, since creating that I’ve been
contacted by a few wedding specialists asking about custom designs and
it makes me want to start selling printable wedding invitations.

4. What inspires create your products?
I’m inspired by a lot of things. Even if I’m just wondering around my
local supermarket, I’ll see something with beautiful typography on the
packaging and ideas will start gathering in my head. I’d also say that
Pinterest is the Queen of inspiration to me, there’s so many images on
there I could spend days glued to my computer screen.

5. Where can we find you?
My Etsy shop:

Pre-Made Logo Design 'Blossoms' // Graphic Design // Business Branding 

 6. What advice can you give for other sellers out there for their shop?
Promote, promote, promote! A few months back I knew nothing about
promoting and my shop was going nowhere. But ever since I joined an
abundance of Etsy Teams and constantly contributed to all the forums I
noticed an increase in my shop views and sales. I’d say do something you
love, because you’ll want to promote and if you keep a blog of
up-to-date things around your chosen area, you’re bound to get
somewhere. All it takes is a bit of passion.

Now some fun facts about you

7. What is your Favorite Food?
Oh, this is such a hard question! Can I say everything? If I had to
choose though, I’d have to go with noodles. Honestly, I get through so
many packets of noodles a week, it’s unbelievable.

8. Describe us one positive event in your life in your life that you
felt was a miracle to you or that you knew the Universe was there
watching over you.

I wasn’t prepared to go to University after leaving college, because I
didn’t fancy moving away from my family and friends. It was getting to
the end of my college year, everyone had their places in various Uni’s
and I had nothing, didn’t know what I was going to do… then my tutor
announced to the class that they were starting a HND course (Higher
National Diploma, it’s basically like the first two years of University)
this was my break through, I immediately applied and got a place! I’d
say that if I hadn’t done that, I certainly wouldn’t be were I am today
with my designing.

9. What is your favorite vacation spot and why?
Definitely Canada! I went on holiday with my family and we rented an RV
for a few weeks to travel around Canada and discover the beautiful
sites first hand. It was amazing and one of the best experiences of my
life! I saw many famous locations, from the CN Tower in Toronto to
Niagara Falls and Algonquin National Park.

10. Anything else you like to share about you?
I spend a lot of time with my mum throughout the week and she tries to
teach me knitting (It’s never going to happen). I’ve found knitting
impossible to do with my clumsy hands, so I’ll leave that to her, but
we’ve been discussing about opening a second Etsy shop, primarily to
sell her wonderful knitted creations, so keep your eyes peeled! ūüôā

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