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Hi Everyone,
  It has been a while but  just recently there is a new a shop feature that you may be interested in.  Koren from  Garasu Wonderland has a wonderful shop that features hand painted glass art. I love the  different types of textures she uses  for her art.  Great pieces  of art that you can enjoy at home as decorations.Her  colorful her art glass  pieces are very inspirational and heartwarming too!  My favorite piece  from her is the heart glass bottle she has  in her shop but even the sun catchers she has makes me smile ūüôā  Be sure to check  out her  shop, these  items can bring positive  energy to anyone’s home, and  with the holidays coming up around the corner this is would be a great unique  gift  to add in  your gift list.
Love in a Bottle„ÉĽHand Painted Glass Flower Vase„ÉĽHearts in Soft Pink & White„ÉĽRomantic Home Decor Accents/ Personalised Valentines Gifts

1. How did you come up with the Name of your Shop?

“Garasu” means glass in Japanese. I love glass, love its transparency, its opaqueness and its many different expressions under light. As my shop is about hand painted glass wonders so I named it Garasu Wonderland.

2. Tell us a little bit about your shop and what you think makes it unique?
I hand paint glass art in Japanese zakka style, something unique and lovely for home decor. “zakka” is a Japanese design aesthetic that refers to the little things that improve your home or life, simple charm that is both useful and pleasing. I love glass painting since I was a kid and after studying and living in Japan for years, I started painting more in my favorite Japanese styles (like pastoral “denenfu”, traditional japanese “wafu”, cute “kawaii”, etc). I made to order for each customer, and each glass is hand painted individually to make every item one of a kind.

Jewelry Dish in Blue Green Swirls„ÉĽModern Art in Glass„ÉĽRing Holder Dish„ÉĽFused Glass Look„ÉĽChristmas Gifts„ÉĽStocking Fillers„ÉĽContemporary Glass

3. What is your favorite item at the store and why?
My favorite item is called “My Little Ocean”. Inspired by calming whistle of the wind and the lapping waves, I’ve created this ocean decor with harmony of watery blue and green colours. Painted in translucent paints, it looks great when light shines through and reflects its harmonious color pattern, very soothing and relaxing to look at. For your reference, the listing is as follows:…
Moon Rabbit Japanese Art Glass„ÉĽHare/ Bunny Moonlight Painting„ÉĽPainted Glass Asian Fine Art „ÉĽPastel Gold Colors„ÉĽHome Decor/ Gift Idea
4. What inspires create your products?
I love books, films, arts, and architecture. I often draw inspiration from nature and the beauty around us. For example:
~ nature inspired:
~ japanese folkore inspired:…

5. Where can we find you?
– My etsy shop Garasu Wonderland:
– I am a member of Craftster, my glass art was voted and selected as featured project: Glass Suncatcher„ÉĽChristmas Glass Ornament„ÉĽPainting„ÉĽWindow Decoration„ÉĽOrange Green„ÉĽArt for Home/ Garden Decor„ÉĽStocking Fillers„ÉĽGift

6. Do you have any coupons or discounts for us? ( optional) if no, I will not have this on the post
Yes, I would like to create a coupon code specially for your readers with 10% off all products. Do you like it to be called “PSYCHICJOELLE10”? I will create the code once I get your confirmation.

7. What advice can you give for other sellers out there for their shop? Now some fun facts about you?
I am quite new in Etsy so couldn’t really give too much advice, but I do want to encourage other fellow new sellers to be patient and don’t get discourage with low sales figure in the beginning. I think it really takes time and efforts to build up a shop, and I am still working hard on it ūüėČ

I love Lego when I was a kid and have always adored the infinite possibilities of lego blocks. Still keep my favorite sets and take pictures with the cute Lego mini figures. “Lego Still Life Photography” is fun. Do drop by my online

8. What is your Favorite Food?
Stir fry egg with shrimp is my favorite food. It is a typical home cooked dish for many families in Hong Kong. Living away from family in Singapore, I always miss my mother’s stir fry egg with shrimp.

9. Describe us one positive event in your life in your life that you felt was a miracle to you or that you knew the Universe was there watching over you. (optional) but I also would like this to be answered if possible as my readers love reading stories that inspires them to stay positive in their life!
I have always loved literature and enjoyed every moment of it. When I was a student I particularly enjoyed attending a lecturer’s courses as his ideas are really inspiring. When I applied for research course I was arranged to be under that lecturer’s guidance which was a very fortunate and miraculous arrangement (as there are hundreds of student and I do not personally know that lecturer).

10. What is your favorite vacation spot and why?

I love Kyoto. I had studied and lived in Japan for years, not only learnt Japanese language but also fall in love with its wonderful cultures. I love the way people treasure their cultures and traditions where historical objects and buildings are very well preserved. In Kyoto, there are many beautiful natural scenery together with impressive architecture built hundred years ago.

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