Shop Feature: 2WIRED

This week’s  shop feature is 2wired! Elivra  des  lovely work here and I have to say  looking a her  shop its hard to  choose which one is my favorite because her  jewelry is very unique and its nice to see that she has one of a kind jewelry here. I would say purple  flower necklace is more my style but I absolutely love the key necklace as well! Bracelets are beautiful love the stones  she has in them. Here are  some  more  information  on her shop!

1. How did you come up with the Name of your Shop?    I figured I work with wire and that name was suitable because I think alot about my projects.. Like what can I improve on the piece I am working on.. Or how do I make that special bead fit into the piece etc. So you could say I am 2Wired!

2. Tell us a little bit about your shop and what you think makes it unique?
    I think that my jewelry is pretty unique.. And because it is handmade, no piece in my shop is ever exactly alike.. If a customer buys a piece from me, she can be sure that she is the only person in the whole world wearing that exact piece.. 

3. What is your favorite item at the store and why?
     I don’t really have a favorite item. I love them all, and everytime I see one go, I am a little sad.. but also happy, because I can share that unique piece with somebody, who appreciates it…

4. What inspires you to create your products?
     I get a lot of inspiration from Nature.. But sometimes I get an idea just from everyday events.. Like one time I was watching my daughter playing her pixie fairy game and I saw a fairy wearing a heart bracelet.. It gave me an idea for a bracelet with a very unique style.

5. Where can we find you?

     I have a shop on Etsy:
I also have a facebook page :
I have a page on
6. Do you have any promotiions, coupons or discounts for us?
I have sales on Etsy.. And I am planning on having giveaways on my Facebook page.. So if you want to get a chance to win one of my unique jewelry pieces, you should like my Facebook page..

7. What advice can you give for other sellers out there for their shop?
Patience and Perseverance. I had my Etsy shop for a little over a year and I still have a long way to go.. It always takes time to get your name out there.. Don’t give up, keep at it and believe in yourself..

Some Fun facts about Elvira.

8. What is your Favorite Food?

I love Mexican food.. I would eat it every day, if I could.. I miss it.. I lived in San Diego for a while and I loved all the little taco shops…

9. Describe us one positive event in your life in your life that you felt was a miracle to you or that you knew the Universe was there watching over you.
I had more then one of those moments.. My mom told me that she almost lost me when she was pregnant with me. Then when I was a baby, I was very sick a few times and very close to dying.. As a teenager I was very daring and put myself in dangerous situations.. and still I am here…
Later I have met the most gentle, smart and caring men, who puts up with my moods ūüôā I have two beautiful and smart girls.. It’s those little moments, that make me feel that some higher power is watching over me.. I learned to respect life and not take it for granted, because we are here because of a chain of events.. If anything in this chain went just slightly different, who knows if me or you would be here on this earth..

10. What is your favorite Vacation spot and why?
Mexico… The food is awesome and the people are warm and kind..

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