Review: The Lovers Tarot Path Deck


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After a few years,  I started changing decks because a friend of mine had encouraged to work with this deck since  most of the psychic readings  I do is 99% on love.  Also, you wont believe this, I had brought this deck years ago and was only considering  it as a collection to keep not to play with. So what changed my mind?  It’s the fact that my friend was using this deck to give me a reading  when it came to love. And so far her  readings have been highly accurate with me, so I decided to use this deck mainly to read for love situations. The deck I will be reviewing here is [easyazon_link identifier=”1572816473″ locale=”US” nw=”y” nf=”y” tag=”psycjoel0f-20″ cart=”y” cloak=”y” localize=”y” popups=”y”]The Lovers Tarot Path[/easyazon_link] Deck.

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I have to say this deck is quite lovely. It’s actually easy to shuffle which is what I like. The pictures are actually beautiful as well. I think I like the  cards because of how  bright they are but i can feel  the  energy of the deck as  I work with them. What’s interesting is that the cards are named differently, where you got cards rename.   The  suit of swords  is now  renamed to the suit of arrows and the suit of wands is now rename to suit of staves. The  suit of pentacles is now the suit of coins.  In the major arcana. some  of the cards are also renamed as well such as the sun card is now called grace, the tower is called oppression,  the  devil is called temptation, are just a few cards that are renamed.    I find that this doesn’t really cause confusion, since  when you purchase  the deck it comes in hard bound box and a big  book describing the each of the cards  in detail.

So when it comes to doing readings on love, I really enjoy using this deck.  Just the way  the cards are laid out, I can tell you  it is pretty accurate when I have been reading for my clients. It’s like reading a love story and  the way it makes predictions,  I  have found my clients  keep coming back for more because  they  seem to tell me  things unraveled  like it was predicted in the cards.  I’ve been  more accurate in predicting communication and when someone will call or when someone will take action. Mainly, what’s really neat is I do a 12 card layout, and  even when my  clients continue to ask questions about the person, the answers can still be answered in the same spread with out much  shuffling needed like other  decks I have worked with.  The details that come through are more  showing you steps in how to handle the love situation so you can get the results  you need.

I  highly recommend  this deck if you want to  get more familiar with reading  love situations.  When it comes to reading for yourself,  I find  this deck also works wonders too, so its definitely a  great deck to invest in.

This has become my favorite deck for reading  love situations overall.  If you are interested in doing relationship readings or spreads I highly recommend this deck to start as I feel this deck is pretty self explanatory when comes to getting insight in readings. It’s also one the popular decks sold consistently. You can check out out the reviews on amazon if you want to look at it further here.

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