Review – Angel Wings Tarot Bag


Last month I ordered  the Angel Wings Luxury Tarot Bag because my Angel Tarot  Cards Box by Doreen Virtue broke.  So I decided  to keep the positive energy  going  I wanted  to give it a new home. Since, I like purple, I decided  on this color  but there is a one too as well.  Anyways,  this bag came from Great Britain and it came a lot earlier than expected, literally in 2 weeks!  Excited to get the product,   I was really surprised at the superior  quality of the  bag.  First, it is  velvet and the embroidery is  excellent.  Considering the  price of the bag, my expectations of craftsmanship was low,  but this  exceeded my expectations. It’s the best bag I have  so far in quality and feel.

There are a couple of things  to consider if you want to add this to your collection.  First, these  bags  work great  for oracle cards most oracle cards and tarot cards.  If your tarot  cards are thick like the Angel Tarot Cards by Doreen Virtue\ then keep in mind you will need to  break up the  deck a few  times just to  get all the cards in the bag.  So it might  feel a  little  tight in the  bag. Again  when  you want to take this kind of deck out, then  you would need it  take it out  by breaking  it  into thirds as you pull your Angel tarot cards out.  I know it seems like an extra  step to do but honesty it doesn’t  bother me  one bit. I actually brought  this bag to identify this as my Angel tarot  bag, which served its  purpose.

Oh, don’t forget,  before you add the cards in the  bag  get some sea salt, pour in in your  dominate hand.  Pray over the salt asking it to cleanse the deck each time you  put  in the bag. Once  you do that, put the salt  in the bag and then add then add your deck of cards in the bag, close it up. Then shake the  bag up and down  visualizing the  cards  being  cleansed.  You should  keep shaking the  bag until you feel  you have sent  enough energy into the bag. Then  let it rest.  When  you  are ready to  use the your cards and take them  out,  you  will feel the positive  energy surrounding the cards.  Its well worth doing this step. Be sure you shake the bag every time you put the  cards  back into the  tarot bag as well. This will add more energy making the cards easier to read for you as you attune   your energies to  your cards.

Anyways, this [easyazon_link identifier=”B008ATZ2II” locale=”US” nw=”y” tag=”httpwwwpsychi-20″ cart=”y” cloak=”y” localize=”y” popups=”y”]Angel Wings Tarot bag[/easyazon_link] was  well worth the investment. I pretty happy about my purchase.  If you need a bag  like this, I would highly  recommend you  checking it an out for yourself.

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