Reading Tarot Cards By the Book Vs Intuitive Tarot

Traditionally when I used to read tarot cards, I  did the exact same thing  and went by the universal definitions  from a tarot book. These days you could use online websites  to  look up definitions of each card. While I am not against reading tarot cards  by the  book,  I do think that reading tarot cards  intuitively  is  better than  going  by the  book meanings. I do recommend if you are a beginner at Tarot, to go  ahead and start with definitions by the  book because it helps you build a  foundation  of understanding the use of cards. The best way to study by the book is   pick keywords out that hep you feel related   to each card.  Once you do that, begin writing the keywords on the tarot card.  While it may feel weird to write on your cards,  its really the quickest way to get to know your deck and  connect with your own tarot deck faster.   You can read more about this on my post “Tarot 101 Basics  of  Reading Tarot For Yourself” . One of the things that you don’t want to do is  try to look up the definitions while you are  reading yourself or your client. Personally, I find it distracting and it can break the flow of the reading because  you are always trying to  find where you left off an continue from there.  Writing on your cards can help you keep the  flow  of the energy going in your reading. Plus,  you will find  that keywords can  help sense things faster as read each card along  the way.

The other thing that is really great about tarot by the book is  the use of tarot spreads or layouts. I  find that layouts are  fun to do and you can use  these spreads to get an accurate reading on a situation. However it can also lead to confusion  when using layouts because we are  trying to related what the  position means with a certain card  in place. Again, this can  break the flow because we are too worried about what it means in a certain position of the spread. It takes time  to really master  your favorite layouts  and  understand each cards definitions  by heart.

That being said,  I strongly recommend reading intuitively. The benefits of reading  intuitively are really about connecting with your deck even more.  When  you start reading  your  deck intuitively,  you develop your  own  definitions  of each card along the way which you can write them  down. This will also  enhance  your  readings  on a more meaningful level. You will be able to pick up things a lot quicker when you read for yourself and for others. You also won’t have to worry how many times to shuffle  or cut the deck. In   Confusion will not be there  either  because  you are not  working with  tarot  layouts. Rather, you will be  starting with the card  you are  drawn to first and  read from there.   Its interesting  how  tarot   unfolds  intuitively because  its like a story from start to  finish. You’ll also find  yourself picking up on things naturally without  relying  on  universal meanings  of tarot cards.

The  idea is to go with the flow more when you do a reading.  I absolutely love reading tarot because I  can tell you from  experience that I have I  picked  up  on things naturally as I explain each card to a client and they are in  awe  in how I know things  without telling them much about their situation. This is because  I am having a conversation with each card. I simply tell them at the beginning  what card I reading and the basic of the meaning of it. Then I start  telling the other  messages I receiving as I look at the card.  This  goes beyond   universal definitions so when you start getting  ideas, pictures  or messages and phrases, just go with it and tell them. You will be surprised at your  own self how you can  pick things  up naturally, it will  just come.  Playing tarot cards  isn’t all linear. It fact if you have a problem remember all 78 cards  both  upright and reversed, then intuitive readings are the way to go. It allows you to have so much more freedom to do readings  in more natural state that  create for your own self.   Remember there is no right or wrong way to do tarot readings. It’s about what feels comfortable for you, which will give you the greatest accuracy.

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