Product Review: Goo Gone Citrus Gel Spray


As you may know, I  keeping making candles and since then making candles have  getting a bit more messy. It’s hard to take off the wax at times especially when it goes on the  counter!  So   after using my own  cleaning supplies, I was getting annoyed. That is until I goggled  up on  how to take off this candle wax.  I ran across this article and I finally decided  to invest in a bottle of Goo Gone.   This stuff really works… I was a bit surprised but  when anything is really sticking , all  I have to do is spray on it  and  wipe away and its gone.  Now if  its been a while that its been sticky then I
recommend  you spray it on and wait a few minutes. Just  come  back later and wipe it down it will come  right off. So you don’t have to scratch off stuff anymore! This is well worth it. It’s also great  for removing  grease, glue, tape, crayons, stickers, and masking tape. I even tried it on  the kitchen  stove…it works better than regular cleaning stuff. I also tried  it on my wood desk where I do all my  candles and it gets oily and sticky so using this product has really save me the headache that I dont mind  not  cleaning it off immediately.  Don’t forget the citrus scent, it really does smell good. I’m quite surprised since I normally don’t worry about how something smells when it comes to a cleaning product.

If you are crafty, and  you have sticky stuff to get rid off,  invest in this , its well worth the  investing. It was save you a lot of frustration  on trying to scratch  things off… I have glass tables so  it works great and doesn’t scratch anything.


  1. Joelle Chan says:

    yes it can be tough to remove but this product works very well cleans off sticky stuff almost instantly i am impressed my self when I use it ūüôā

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