New Shop Opening up!

As I was  saying last month I was  reinventing my site at Storenvy.   I  pretty much have imported most of Etsy store items there This are the same as my Etsy store. So this gives  everyone another option to shop  from my products. My blog has  been updated as well  to reflect both stores and on Facebook I will try to post both links of Etsy and Storenvy  when possible this way  at your convenience you can go to which one you feel is  comfortable.

 I have set it up where  I also offer  readings at that store. I do not plan on putting readings on Etsy as I believe that site should be dedicated  to hand made items only. Isn’t that how Etsy started out when their site is up? So therefore I want to remain true to their theme of handmade work to display.

 This pass weekend I had a heck of a time  learning Bokeh  on  photohsop but  here it is… not bad  for the my first time attempting it but i want to make it   brighter in color I think the background is a bit too  dark   for my  images to show for it   so this pic is just temporary  at the moment for my  readings listing  until I  put something more bright and  lovely on it… I am still attempting to create the right one so lets see  what I come up with next! At least I  have fun learning  something new, I feel accomplished when I can get something right even it takes a bit longer  for me to understand the concepts but so far I am happy  with being able to learn things!

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