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Hello Everyone,

I am excited to share the new look I have created for my website. It was in a desperate need for an overhaul and finally this month I decided to give it a fresh  look and feel. I finally  found a template I  love. Part of me  has been wanting to have a simple, clean and elegant look, and for some reason I just couldn’t find something  that speaks to me  until now.   For the entire  month of May, especially on the weekends I  stayed up to edit and  clean things  up to make this look as professionally as I can think of. I also did lots of research on  plugins and try to make this more effectively for myself and hopefully to all my fans 🙂

So here is what you can see is going on.  Everything is  all on this site, I have  moved all my blog post from blogger to  here as blogger has been very much giving me so many  errors, it was unreal. I  just can’t stand it any longer and decided if I am gonna redo everything might as well make  a new look  and be more updated. This way I can do everything  I need to do between psychic readings , shop orders, social media sites etc… you name it! I am the only person behind everything so lets just say I am trying to make it all simpler for me to keep track of everything 🙂

A few changes have been made:  First  for psychic readings  you can  order directly from this site, using your paypal account. If you don’t want to go through Etsy or my Storenvy site, you don’t have to do that anymore. Just  do it  right here, pretty simple. If you have are doing  live chat readings, I have a new way of doing them now.  When you  place your order of  how many minutes  you would like,  simply go to the chat icon down below and send me your date and time you like to the reading.  You will get a personal email back from me confirming  your appointment. When its time for your reading, I will come on  to this site and open up the reading room, just  buzz me and I will accept your call and we can begin.  If you are placing the live chats on storenvy or etsy  just email me with your dates and times  like you normally do. And when  you are ready for your appointments, just come on into my website on here and ring me up in the same way.  I hope this will things more convenient for everyone.

My newest service is SMS  Psychic readings, I am going to  try this out. When placing this order please give your email address as well as your  cell address to send   your reading to you.  This way if  your cellphone email doesn’t work, I will send it directly to your email and you have it. Keep in mind these answers are  very short so I wont be going in-depth in one question.  you will receive a few sentences per question, I think the limit  is 160 characters but whose counting?? lol I know  I dont keep track like that but I can  assure you, I am upfront with my answers for you… answers are usually within a 24 hour period. Keep in mind sometimes a few hours because I either filling orders  or doing  psychic readings elsewhere…

Ah, my shops! Yes  you can still order from my Etsy or Storenvy shops. Coupons are still only available for Storenvy. If you like to opt in to review newsletters for the latest discounts,  please click here to go to the newsletter page.  Of course, I will be redoing that page shortly as well and reinventing it again! Etsy is probably the most updated shop so far. As far s Storenvy,  its changing. Recently Storenvy has offered  pricing variation so I am in the midst of  deleting, editing and making changes manually on there whenever I can, so when its completed I will let you all  know. The idea is to format things similar to Etsy listings but with the flexibility of how i can run my  coupons on storenvy, its part of the reason I keep doing things on there.

As far as the blog, I feel its time for a new change, I figure I might as well share some  reviews on anything I purchase  through Amazon,  give  you my  honest opinion… most are  spiritual and  sometimes I have random stuff you might find  interesting.  You’re going to be seeing what  I enjoy and perhaps these reviews will help you decide if its the right  product for you. I will still update you on my latest products and anything new I working  on in my shop, that will still be in part of the blog. All new blog posts will start in June so be sure you have bookmarked this website if you haven’t already. Starting June, all blog posts will be written here. 🙂

As I am reinventing things, I hope you enjoy your stay here! Thank you so much for supporting me, I hope to continue sharing my wisdom and knowledge of things to come to help you  move forward on your own path in life.

All the best,



  1. Jennine says:

    Okay I am leaving you a comment. Let’s see if it works. 🙂 Am I on the list to get your notifications for emails,and blogs?? I will just check the boxes below

    • admin says:

      yay thanks jennine 🙂 I will write a new post next week and hopefully things run smoothly on here… still tweaking the site but hopefully like the new place more 🙂 so we shall see… did you sign up to get RSS feed?? I have yet to understand how that works

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