New Mini Candle Sections at Etsy

 I am going to be opening a  Mini Spell Candle Section in my Etsy shop. One will say Mini Candle Sets and  one will say Mini Candles only.   The Mini Candle Candle Sets will have the recommended  oils that I feel works with the candles. The Mini Candles Only  will have no oil , so it will require you to select your own oil from the oil section or  perhaps you have your own oil you want  to use instead.
Basically, these  candles are  going to be the 4 inches tall and  I will give you two  candles of the same one. So for example if you order money  draw  candles , you will get two of them.  I also want to address  that  these candles are too small for stones  so I will only be  only putting the necessary oils and herbs in each candle.  You can still  give me your intentions for these candles or asked for a generalized one made for your needs. The choice is up to you. This is another alternative for everyone.
Now, here’s the thing with mini candles. After testing them repeatedly,  I find these mini candles are great for little pick me ups.   I  feel they are good for mini spells so if you are needing just a  small dose of  energy for your spell work then this works wonders. However, I do not feel they will just be equivalent to my Original Spell Candles that are bigger.  Let  me provide  you an  example here,   Lets take that  black and white one in the picture. This candle will be my  mini  Transformation Candle.  If you light  two of  those mini transformation candles, it does not necessarily mean that  you will get the same effect of the  one Originial Transformation that I sell  online.   Th original candles are always going to have a better effect than  mini  candles simply because there is more energy to work with.
 I do  feel you can still get some effect with mini candles.  Another way  to do these  mini candles is to break them up in doses.  For example, let’s say that you did do an original Transformation spell candle. Perhaps, it really was a bit too strong for you taste.  But yet you know that there is still more stuff that needs  to be released.  Well these mini ones are  great for little releases, especially if you already  done original Transformation candle first. Basically, the mini  candles will  keep that energy building for you but in small doses. Great follow up candles.  If you do not  burn the  original candles  listed first, you can  still use these. Just keep in mind, that  it will take a bit  longer to build that energy that you want to manifest with these small ones.   As with any  Candle magic, things take time to build and develop but once you get it down , its a lot of fun and you will  know to manifest the  positive  energy to work in your favor.   I am going try to put the mini candles up  starting  this week so check back to see if  your favorites are showing up! ūüôā


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