New Design, New Catch Phrase!

This  weekend  I worked on  cleaning up the blog a bit. As much as I like the notebook template  for some reason I just  felt that I needed a fresh  look here and I do hope you like the new template I have going on in my blog. I am the type that likes pastel looking colors and I  actually love flowers too and the color pink hence I  decided to  go with this three  column  blog template.  I moved a  bit of things around on there but I actually felt it was more brighter and cleaner and a bit more organized. It seems easier to work with too. The template did take out my Facebook comments section but I also felt that facebook comment thing was giving  it an issue and it wasn’t as active so  I am not adding it it back on . However,with the new look I think this has a better flower to it and I love the gal on there, this would be  represent me in a way which is why I picked this layout. I know its a bit girlie but I am the girlie type as well since I pretty much a kid at heart and likes all sorts of cute stuff especially stuff animals. ūüôā

 You will also noticed that I changed my  blog title to Psychic Joelle.  I am still working and learning how to build my own Psychic Joelle store. I know its not hard to learn, just its always time consuming to learn everything from Photoshop to how Word Press works with the store themes.  Everything is about taking the time learning it all . That is what I realize.  So I need the time to understand designs more and create a nice   look and feel to my store. Otherwise everything else I can do. I guess my Storenvy is a  good  practice for me because the concept is the same for Word Press, just  I have to make time to learn.  And I will do it  one step at a time.  It’s all good!
 Also  I took out the  tag line “Create the Positive In Your Life!” and I kept saying to myself, I need something new, like something with magic. I sat there last night telling my guides to think of something. Hence, I went from  doing a  few designs myself here. I  thought my cover photo was  a bit plain  on Facebook because it needed some writing so that when people hop to my Facebook they would know its me  from Joie Joelle Creations as I am starting to find out people are starting to search until that name. Hence I  decided  to try to  combine it  together.
This what I started out with. I am still learning the Photoshop here as I mess with it!
This actually looked ok… because the name of my site would be Except its in the works and I wasn’t sure if this was  it.  Then I realized that I should be advertising  my storenvy site more so I went with replacing it with  storenvy site name except  I researched and realized cover photos can’t have the links in them so I finally said to myself  “This isn’t what my store is about. Should  it be because I make Magic candles or something with Magic in it??”  So after  pondering on it…I came up with this
This is when I figured out wow I can arc the words or do  them in different forms? I had no clue that Photoshop  was this great! Well you know when you mess around  with it you be surprised what you find out  you can do on the program. Hence, I almost stuck to this  copy until  it hit me and I said hmmm… what if people don’t get this phase?  Finally, I went with this copy here 
After doing this, I think I actually have a good sense what cover I want  for my  own website. Good thing I played  around with Photoshop this weekend.  I actually do like  the finally outcome and I was concerned that people would not understand  what it meant on creating the magic in you. So I defined it  more by adding the words “in your life” as we do all have that magic in our own self  to create what we want. We just have to believe in it and work hard at it and eventually it will pay off because when we  work at things  consistently,we will  find that we are the magician in our life!  That is how I see it. I hope you guys liked the changes in my work. I think I got it to where I needed it to be. What are you thoughts on it? Do you like the changes?


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