New Additions to the shop – Aromatherapy Pillar candles

 I have  been working on  aromatherapy candles  lately and I love the scents that I have been creating with them. These candles are so therapeutic and relaxing. I just love just even the smell of it. If you are allergic to  essential oils then these candles are the alternative to help you with your goals. Even though they are just scented , you can be the creator  of  turning them into spell candles of your choice. It gives you greater flexibility to create your own magic candle. In fact it’s really awesome if you try to get creative into doing  your additions to the candle. Just adding your creations  into a simple candle can just make the candles more part of who you are and from  the moment you light it, you can still feel the magic with you when you experience your own self how fun and exciting it can be dress up your candle.

I have  found that  your special spell oil  can work any scented  candle well. In fact if there is a certain scent that  you really connect with its even more magical in every way. I find that adding   incense or herbs is a plus. It gives a bit more a power. You don’t even need a  to work the magic. Just think what scent draws you in  to do you magic. For example rose is  consider  universe language for love, the scent of a rose candle can actually help you attract love. But did you know Orchid candles  can do the same thing. Orchid has the power to seduce a  love of your choice to come to you  or even notice you more.  Orchid is also known to help  improve  psychic  awareness where you can connect with  your own intuition or  open your  own psychic powers. Just think of the possibilities using the candles in your own way there.

Try the seaside candle when you need a bit more peace in your life.  Every time I am at the beach I feel relaxed. I come back actually really sleepy  lol, so when I  smell this candle, I tend to  feel like i  traveling  right to the beach. the scent itself  is just takes me there. Of course, think of additions that can  help you feel relaxed. Lavender oil is usually great,  but even   chamomile is another  good  essential oil to use. Just add a few  drops  rub it around the candle and light it. So simple and so effective to help you feel you can unwind on your most  stressful days. To make it even   more simpler, this candles are made with palm wax. So just the clean up is going to be easy itself so its really a no fuss at all when its time to get that  wax off.  

So spark some of your  creativity there and try the  new aromatherapy  candles you be surprised what you create for yourself.  It’s one the best parts of doing magic candles is when you start experimenting on your own. you will become your own master of magic if you try it for yourself.


  1. Joelle Chan says:

    oh I love the ocean its why i live by it, I mean practically being closer to the ocean helps me feel balanced even more. So I actually really love it for that reason ūüôā

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