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 Hi everyone,
  If you have been  visiting  my blog  regularly you might have noticed a new change on the top left corner.   I wanted to share you what that is all about.  It took me a while to learn how to  update this section but in the mean time  its finally completed. So here is the low down on what all that stuff is there.

 First let me say I love  the flower girl theme. In all honesty, i feel in love with the design when I first found it because she does represent me and my own style. I love her and the colors are what I like because its more a bright  and flowing to work on. Anyways, I wont be changing the theme any time soon.  I found the  perfect  fit for this personal  blog  so unless something inspiring comes along the way, this theme is here to stay! ūüôā

Now  the new stuff…

1.  Joie Joelle Shop:  This leads to my  main shop at Storenvy.  You can just click on this link and it will take it right to your site.  I dont have an Etsy link because I am always  promoting my own store front. But rest assure both shops are exactly the same. The only thing I dont  offer on Etsy  is psychic readings. I  believe  Etsy is catered to handmade items and honesty it just never felt right for me to add psychic readings on there, after this is Etsy  and I do want to make sure that I am  following their  rules on there.  But otherwise  both stores are the same.

2.  Psychic Joelle Website- this is my business  page. My intention was to turn this into a store at  first but then it jsut got so complicated that i realize wow that is just too much work 3 stores?  It’s way too much to do. So Psychic Joelle  is about me page. Behind it you will get to read about my experience as a psychic, my mottos, testimontials etc… I will  just link this page to everything I have together. It will work better for me all the way around. I am not sure if I want to add psychic readings  on there to purchase yet,  if i can get the shopping  cart to work right then of course i will have it there. In the  mean time I kept it clean simple and  me as always. I hope you like site.

3.  Be a Sponsor- Yes  Sponsor  my  website, that’s right by just placing your ad there! I am open to swapping ads as an  exchange. All you have to do  is add my  blog button to your site, and tada I just make  sure  its on your site and you will be approved. Otherwise its a $5  fee for an ad space but that is  for 30 days! So if you have a shop and want some spotlight on you, invest  your time here.  

4.  Featured Wednesdays-  yesssssssss this is the section where one shop is  featured every week. It’s been a hit for  several months  but really worth it it. My readers love reading this stuff all the information is at your disposable there so if you  are a shop owner or you know  someone  that will benefit  from  this, let  them know! 

Well that covers the  new chnages here, I worked hard  on this  for a few weeks so I do hope you like the change, if  you have any questions  be sure to  leave a comment  or  email me and I will  get back to  you.

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