My First Laser Color Printer

 I am so excited about receiving a brand new laser printer. In fact I never  owned one before. I have always  used a inkjet for so many years that I finally invested in a laser printer because of the fact that I realized that it was no longer cost effective to keep printing at Kinkos. That is why my  labels looks wonderful but at the same time I also thought to myself wow, the time I have go drive up there to print was crazy. Sometimes it was  a drag to get up there  to make a few copies. Usually the reason why new products take longer to come out is because I need a run up to Kinkos to get these labels done right!

But wow, I never thought that I would get the printer I wanted which is this Canon MF 8080Cw  For a long time I was eying on it but I keep going back and forth because the price was constantly changing at amazon. I almost  settled for the price of $329 but then I just held back.  I  got really lucky  because I came across New egg and they were selling this printer for $225.  Thank goodness for the big discount there.

I love the  printer. After using it for a few weeks,  I come realize that  it helps me run my business smoother. While the  printing  may be slow the quality  of the  printer is wonderful. It actually prints better than the  printers at the Kinkos.   Color is professional quality. While the  printer is about 50 lbs, I was able to get it up on  my  office desk. Guess all the  working out pay off for me to lift the darn thing by myself.  But overall, this printer has really helped me save a lot of time going up to Kinkos. It’s easy to set up as the instructions are very clear. Why the paper tray its small , its not a big deal as I don’t print massive amounts. The only time I  may print a bit more is because of doing sampler boxes but otherwise this  printer  works great for me since I am not heavily printing.

  I am actually learning to not procrastinate as much as I used to.  When I need something and I can afford it, I  will invest in it. In the long run even a printer that I hold off on so long has  really paid for itself already, so I am grateful  for the  being able to make this  purchase.  I realizing the more organized and  the more I get things in order for my shop then things run so much efficient in my own life.   If you are shop owner and need a laser printer, I recommend  this one  because its affordable and it won’t break the  bank if you are just starting out for your business.

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