Money Drawing Candle , A Must Try!

Try one of my money drawing candles. Have you ever tried blessing a candle with your own energy? This is one candle you don’t want to miss! In fact it comes with the oil for you to dress the outside of the candle. It is important that you rub the oil on the candle and visualize your intention of what you want out of it. After all you are putting your own energy into the candle which the most important step of any candle magic process! Your energy combined with your intention is a must for any candle magic to work! Of course I find its better to be general with what I want so that I can be surprised by what the universe gives me.

While beeswax candles are a bit more expensive, pure beeswax with the combination of herbs, essential oils and the energy stone really gives the energy to be put out there. Also, this candle is eco- friendly because it burns very clean and you don’t get the smoke coming out of the candle. When everything in candle is made of pure and natural ingredients , it helps resonate with the universe better and puts that energy out there for anything to manifest in our life.

I make these candles for myself and I can say that I love it because I always have more than enough money for myself so that i don’t feel like I living from paycheck to paycheck. No one wants that feeling anyways! One of my favorite candles that I use on consistent basis to keep the money coming to me! Click on the link or the picture to see more info on the product! Give it a Try!

Money Drawing Candle Set

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