Mom, I love you!

Time really  flies fast,  it just seems that  my mom just passed away  just a few months  but  as of today, it will be one year  since my mom  has left  the earth plane.   While you are reading this today, I will be up visiting her  with my father.  My mom passed away  from breast cancer. She has battled the repeating cancer  for  10 years and it  was so hard on her.  While she is at peace, I can’t  imagine   how  much   this has changed me as  the person I am today. Last year, when she passed it was hard.  In fact being psychic for me comes with a price.    If there is one thing that is harder on me it is when  I am able see and feel  a member of my family ready to go to  Heaven.

I also have this ability  to also sense when someone I am reading for has a love one ready to pass. For me,  it  took some time to accept this ability as a psychic. Even if I can see death, I also  believe its bad karma  for me to tell  someone that  their love one  is going to pass. Of course, I don’t come out right and tell them I seeing their love one ready to go.   In fact most of the time I hint to them that they need to make the most of the time with their love one  now.   I   actually help them prepare  without giving it totally away because  I am not God and I don’t claim myself to be God . In fact, I always hope I am wrong in what I am seeing about someone ready to be in the spiritual plane. I usually pray  to the universe and  hope I am so wrong in what I am seeing. But through out the years,  I have  really worked hard in  delivering  this type of news in the most positive  light as much as possible. I can’t tell when they will pass or predict when  its time for someone go so I can only sense at the present moment, that it is their time to  leave.

When  my mom was about to pass, I saw and felt the time was coming.  I  just couldn’t tell my dad the news  but I did tell my uncle as I  felt he was the only one that could handle it at that time. It was so hard for me to see and sense that my mom was going. I won’t  forget how my mom’s spirit  woke me up in the middle of the night and told me that I needed to see her  because she said she was going to be passing soon.   After she told me this, I  started getting flashes of   her funeral . Let me just say, it was  even more hard for me to deal with this,  because it was my mom this time, like 10 times tougher to get through  seeing all what I was being shown. Handling all those visions and feelings was difficult. I was mad at the world for showing me this stuff at the time.  But on a positive note, it has made me stronger in  my gift and  it has helped me  grow as a person.

At least  not everything is boohoo after my  mom passed. Today,  I look at my gift as a medium as a blessing.   For example,  I know I am channeling my mom in many cases. I remember when my dad  got so frustrated because he didn’t know the password to the bank account.   My dad  couldn’t access the money because my mom was the one doing all the work. Heck, he was so used to asking my mom to give him money because he  didn’t  go to the bank in over 10 years lol.   I remember my dad asking, ” What is the password to this bank account?  Please ask your mom for me? ”  Back then, I was like  “Are you serious how am I able to  get the password?   I didn’t think it was  possible…  I told him look I cant  predict lotto and  you want a password?? LOL…” You know back then  my dad was like if youre psychic can’t you ask  you mom what it is?”  I did tell him I try but  just no guarantees I was gonna give him the right one. Well,  I was so wrong,  it took me about a week. My mom came on in and just spoke to me like she was right there physically and gave me the password.  I thought I was  nuts  for even hearing the actual phrase but I rang up my father and gave it to him  to try.  yes, my  father freaked out when it was the correct password.   He was so still and  in awe at the same time. I honesty feel after doing that,  he actually started to accept my gift more.

If  there is something I do love as a medium these days it is the fact that I can talk to my mom like she is really there in person. I dont just hear a word or phrase  but I can   here full sentences when needed to be.  For example,  I love how I could ask her for advice, and she would respond right away or if I forget a recipe, I can ask her and she would just talk to me like she was  right there  telling me how to cook  her famous dishes.   She is even my navigator  when I need to have alternate routes to get to places..  It keeps me sane knowing that she is here with me in spirit.  When I have a hard time and I miss the tar out of her,  she does come in and say hello and talks to me.   If I can’t sleep and  I need her to comfort me she has this power to  rock me to sleep. Other times I can feel the  back rub or the hug she gives me.  It’s just nice to know that I am not alone, and that  I can  feel the feel, and communicate the with the spirit world.  It realy does keep me  grounded when I have my gift. I find that my gift as  psychic medium  even provides  me a way to heal myself while i am on my own journey in life.  If it wasn’t for ths gift that I have, I dont feel I could  grow the way I could now. I feel more empowered and inspired  by what i can learn  jsut from working iwth the universe and  all the spirits around me, whether it be my  family members, my  spirit guides or and  angels that come through to me at the time.

 Just a  few things about my mom: she was the best mom in the world to me. She was my  rock , my support and she taught me never to give up in life. But I will always remember my mom telling  me just be happy. Do what makes you happy! I may cry every now and then but her passing has  given me more strength in myself  to live life the way I want to.  I know she is around me and is part of me too. She was the most giving person who had a smile on her face every time you saw her.  The type of mom to greet you with cookies and milk.  And of course her cooking was the best in the family. Actually, we  balanced out.   She at least  gave me credit for my  baking  haha! She actually told me at least there are two things I excelled over her and that was  baking  and making  pasta! Of course, she also told me that she was proud of me because I did learn how to make some of her dishes and  I had finally learned her  key points in cooking. Rather than  by measuring, I  actually got good at just tasting and using my palatte.This was something my mom taught me throughout the years to do, rather than relying on exact measurements. I won’t forget how she told me that I was getting good at coming close to mastering  her dishes.She know I had a handle on her cooking techiques.  Someo f them she knew I had it on the dot.  So I am just  thrilled that I could learn  all I could at the itme she was with me. In fact, I knew she  taught me pretty everything  I needed to  know before it was her time  to go.

If there is  one thing I have  learned from  all of this, it is to not say good bye because honesty the rest of the family  is really waiting on the other side. So with that being said, lots of  love, hugs and kisses to you  Mom. Thank you for being here for me each and every day. Your spiritual guidance  has helped me be a stronger person.  I will continue to work and connect with you as always with my gift. What you share with me is truly a blessing.  So thank you from the bottom of my heart. Until we meet again,  I love you  Mom! ūüôā

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