Mini All American Candles Giveaway

This month I have decided to give away a pair of All American Candles. It’s my only 3 layer candle right now. The colors of this candle are red, white and blue and since we just had Independence Day I figure I theme this up. The purpose of this candle is to help you feel more positive with your relationship or friendships. If you have been having a rough time with your partner or a close friend with heated arguments or disagreements, this candle should help bring back things into alignment. In other words when lighting this candle both partners will heal from what is hurting them the most which is the white part, as they heal from some of their deeper issues within themselves, they both will be able to find their own inner peace( blue wax). Once they are calmer, they the loving energy can begin to open up again and both partners can connect on a more positive level communicating and being more loving in the most positive way ( red wax) . These may be mini but they are strong ad pack quite a punch. You will receive a romance oil to work your magic anyway you see fit. ūüôā

Give away is for US residents only. Please be sure you fill out all your info for the giveaway, your info is private and confidential as I do not spam or give out your details no anyone. I just want everyone to be aware of it as I do check all details to make sure the requirements are completely before contacting the winner. Please also remember as a winner you only have 24 hours to claim your prize, failure to so will automatically result me picking another winner for the giveaway. Best of luck to everyone and have fun!

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