Mini Abundance Spell Kit

mini abundance kit

For my newest creation, I decided to work on  an Abundance Kit.   Abundance comes in different forms but how you manifest your abundance is totally up to you. Personally, I have used  this stuff to work more money into  my life and the spell oil is slightly different because it has more earth like scent. The  trick to making any spell kit work for you  is whether you  completely believe it will work for you! In other words, you have to know its going to work for you and have no room for doubt in your mind at all. Part  of manifesting anything we want  is that our own being  needs to accept and believe we can manifest anything we want. The hardest part is be one with yourself because most of the time  our subconscious mind convinces us that its not  possible to do certain things or have certain things, so  we need to change this part within ourselves.  Like any spell you buy,  its only as effective you believe it will be, the rest of the power  to manifest what  you desire comes within your own soul.  So here are the steps to take to work this kit!

This  kit comes with 1 votive,  5/8  dram of abundance oil and  a sample of abundance herb incense. I’ll also provide a spell scroll with similar instructions and a chant you can  use along with the  kit so you can get started.   For the most part I will show you what you need to do to manifest abundance in your life.  To me I will associate this with attracting more money  so here are the steps.   When  you  receive your  Abundance  kit,  do the  following:

  1. Get a votive holder or plate to burn your  candle. First add the abundance to the candle and  rub it all over  the candle visualize your intention for the use of the candle. Say your prayers  or follow the chant  given to you in the kit.  Then light the candle. I personally, like to use the chant given  and then light it.
  2.  Burning it all the way down is one way to do it ,  but you can always  snuff it out  and re light it  another time. Personally i like snuffing out the votive candle and  relighting to bring in more of a consistent energy.
  3. Add a  manifesting  writing to your spell work. People are  always asking  about how to manifest their desires. The best answer I have here is  write a story about it.  So if we are  attracting abundance, one thing to keep in mind is write how  it feels to receive  abundance.  Describe  it feels  like and add specifics of what you want  for things to happen.  They key to it, it to write what is easy for you  to believe that can happen for yourself.
  4. Even when  your spell Kit is done ,   continue the writing  for a good 30 days!   This helps shift the mind change and be more positive about what you are manifesting. your mind  is a very powerful tool,  it  bring your desires into reality. At the end of the 30 days, see what results y0u achieve.
  5.   Take note  of the results,  I recommend to continue the writing even if the 30 days are up! Be creative, add new things you want to achieve with your abundance spell. Need more energy??   Just go back and get another abundance spell kit  to bring  in more  positive energy around your space!

Need Attract Abundance now? Grab this spell kit here.

Need Attract Abundance now? Grab this spell kit here.


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