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I am here to share with you a  program I actually found that has worked wonders for me for the entire week I have been using it.  The program itself  is called Mindifi  Law of  Attraction.  It’s a Hypnosis program that is absolutely free and as far as I know its on ITunes and Kindle,  I have the kindle version  of course but I  thought I share  my experience with it.  First,  with this program its best  to for you to wear headphones, I find that its much more effective.  Since, I talked about law of attraction, I found that this  program actually helps me be more relaxed and more focused  on what I want to  attract.  It  will actually help you release worries or stressful thoughts and help you not think negatively! Yes, all those bad habits of “what if I cant do this or that  etc” this program  will lessen help you retrain your mind  if you are willing to  take at least 20-30 minutes a day to yourself and plug this program  in to listen to. It not only does  wonders for  your mind but  you will come  out feeling calmer and  happier  to enjoy life better each day.

 This program has a total of 16 tracks but the first track that you  download  is totally free which  is 30 minutes long. It goes in great  depth so honesty, you do not  have to pay for the rest unless you want to explore like I did which I spend the $19.99  to get rest of it and let me say its well worth the money to invest it. You may not need it but I have found the rest of the stuff  wonderful. I will go through the ones I have used,  as I haven’t experienced them all yet but what I have done  so far, has work wonders!

Law Of Attraction- this program is 30 minutes long! It’s great  because  its a general hypnosis that  releases the  fears and doubts in your mind… it helps you  visualize  what you want in life and helps you become more creative  in your mind in attracting what you want. Overall its  great for anything you want to just  release and  try to  attract in general.  I find that I feel relaxed  from it doing it, much more calmer and feel more at peace with myself to continue during the day.

Releasing Guilt-    I  actually  didn’t mind doing it for one day, It made me  cry  a bit as a tear  streamed down my  face but I also  know for me that is a sign to release what no longer serve me. It  actually  pulled a guilt that I didn’t  realize that was deep in my mind,  but  it was  just nice to let that go completely. I felt   lighter and  was like “wow really  I didn’t know it was bother me in my my mind lol.”  The upside to it is that its gone and  I feel  lighter. Not my favorite, but I tested it out and felt I pop this in when I feel I need to.

Attract Money- Oh this  one is a  keeper probably the one I was listening each day  along with other programs on here later duing the day. but let me  tell you  that its one of my favorites! Why? Because I  attracted  more money  in a week  than I ever did. In fact, the company  I work for regularly to do psychic readings  just transitioned to  putting us on a new webpage. So why other experts were  complaining how slow it was,   I was like “what?? I am busy! LOL!” Seriously I  was pretty stoked  about this one! Because money just keeps  finding a way to me easily. What this program does is helps you release all your worries and doubts about money, whatever you deepest  fear is or worry about is that day, its gonna pull this out of conscious mind and help you  release it!   Then  what happens at least for me, is I actively start just enjoying my life and doing  things  I need to do the day. I even just spend the money when I need to knowing that it will come back to me immediately. So far this has been the most effective one for me so far.

Attracting Your Soulmate- This one I find  just helps you feel good  about yourself. It helps you release  blocks fears of  past  relationships which is good too. I find it soothing and  more feeling great about who I am today  knowing some day that special someone  will come my way.   It actually does  teach you  to not just  visualize  that special someone you have  in mind but if you could try to visualize someone better coming  along. After all, its better not be locked down to the one person you have your heart set on anyways because the more you set your desire on them the more it causes  you think about them and before you know it the focus is on them and not  you. Remember you come  first!  The  rest will fall in place  when you love  yourself  fully and completely and enjoy your life as it is now. That is the purpose of this segment here.

Attitude of Gratitude- This one should be done right before you go to bed. It helps you focus on things that you are grateful for the day.  It will help you feel happy  and blessed about  your life. Its one of  segments that helps you fall asleep easier too.   I  actually  love this because  after listening it for the  night and  feeling grateful  for  the blessings  of my day, I find myself waking up in a good mood every time I listen to this.

Upward Spiral- Ok if you are not having a great day, this will help you  bring you  balanced again and help you let go of whatever it is that is bothering you that day.  I actually feel better doing this when I feel a bit off. It helps me refocus and gets me back to feeling  calmer to enjoy the rest of my day.

I highly recommend you to try this program. We don’t  take enough time out for ourselves. At least  give yourself  30 minutes a day  to unwind. You will find yourself  attracting what you truly desire if you are dedicated in controlling your conscious mind. I have  found this  program highly effective and   recommend it. After all, the first program is absolutely free and  if you want to invest in more you can. Otherwise, even just listening to the same program can do  wonders your heart, soul and spirit.

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