Mercury Retrograde Madness: The Meaning Behind It

It’s that time of year again, that we have started mercury retrograde! If you have read through astrology or things on mercury retrograde, you might have encountered that  retrograde is base of miscommunications,  or  things not working right for a few weeks.  While that might be true, that is  not really  what mercury retrograde is about. It doesn’t mean things are just doing to be negative or people aren’t  going   understand  you, its far from it.

 Lets look at it this way,  probably one of things  people say during  Mercury  Retrograde is how they miscommunicate with people… while that may be true , its because  at this time of year,  everyone  is a bit more  sensitive with their energies.  Reason being is because what mercury retrograde really does is help us deal  with our deepest  self issues! Yes you heard me right. It’s time for  self transformation. It’s the  time to be moody, and the time for real  change. The more we resist our faults, self issues and our refusal to heal ourselves, we  are most likely not going to enjoy life and be open to a brand new prespective of what life relay means to us.

Just think about it… we are human and we all have issues,  no one is perfect.  Life is not black and white either. There  are shades of grey in it, and learning work within  those shades of grey might be challenging, frustrating, heart breaking etc… but its  also what makes us  realize who we are.  It provides a deeper  understanding about being you!  The  reality is we need to understand ourselves first fully and completely before we can make the right changes in our lives. Once we  figure this out and are capable of self improvement in our own self is when we  start making healthy changes in ourselves.  Mercury Retrograde  brings our deepest  fears, self issues, darkest  issues to light. The more we work on yourself, and  make the changes we need to make, the  more you are going to see that mercury retrograde is a  good thing! It’s not all about beiong  negative or tihngs  going wrong  for the next several weeks. It’s about self transformation! In fact, the more you are willing to mkae heatlhier changes and actually do it, the more you are  going to  find yourself enjoying life. In fact,  you will also  find that as you get  healthier  Mercury Retrograde will effect you less.

This also brings up my product lines  Transfromation, Banish, and Freedom.  Did you know if you want to enhance power of these candles that the best time to use them is  during Mercury Retrograde?  It’s the best time of the year to double up the energy and  help you transformation yourself.  Warning that it  may get you extremely moody at the beginning  but  in the end of it all, the healing  process  really begins! It’s for your own benefit to get that  freedom you deserve and  truly love being who you are which is why  for a Limited Time I am offering  you a chance to get any these product lines at at 20% off. Just select any Transformation, Banish or Freedom product, be it candles, spray, bath salts  or even the Dark moon  oil… and use the code TRANSFORM2013  and you’ll see your discount. This offer is  good  until Nov 1st. and only valid at my Storenvy site.

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