Meet Tigger and Yuna

It’s time to meet my two adorable cats Tigger and Yuna.   When I   went to  animal shelter  a few years ago my mom, my brother  and I saw  these two together in the same cage. Actually, it was my brother’s idea to not separate them as he  thought that it was so cute to find a matching a set of cats.  In fact, it was my brother who also said if we got  both of these cats together then they would keep each other  company. I thought it was sweet how my brother was thoughtful  about keeping them together  like a family. When it came down to paying  for the  two cats, me and my brother decided  to split the bill. I actually paid for Yuna and  my brother  paid for Tigger. Oh yes, there is one more unique thing  you should know about both of my cats, they each have an extra toe on their front paws :Yup, that means they have  6 toes each on the front paws. When  you look closely their front paws  are shaped like  little mittens.  It makes them even more cute because  we didnt know that they had extra toes until they both came home to us. It just makes them the perfect pair together. ūüôā

Let’s meet  my cats.  First  up, we have Tigger. Tigger  is everyone’s cat. He  practically  loves attention from anyone so when he sees people coming into the house he will  come greet you and try to ask you to pet him or give him a hug. He loves to be picked up,  and  loves to be the center of attention.  If there is one thing about  him that stands out ,  he tends to  want to  be the King of the household.  Not that my family lets him  of course lol but he will keep trying no matter what and if he  doesn’t get his way then he tends to be a big baby and  cries for attention.  As old as he is now , I thought  he would have outgrown the need for attention but  nope he is one cat that  needs it on a daily basis.   He will get in his moods if he doesn’t get his loving and I rather give him some love and hugs to keep his spirits up.

Tigger is also the most curious cat I have ever met. He gets into everything and it drives me batty when he does this…lol! If you have something new in the house even  a bag of  groceries he will stand there and  sniff and get into the bag of groceries to see what  is in there.  Have a   package to open from the post office? Tigger will stand  right in front of the package and  meow loudly saying  open it please and then he starts  wanting to go into the bx to see what it is unless you bring it out for him to see. He is like a kid that that needs to see everything right then and there…lol

 What I love most about him is the fact he is like a big teddy bear.  I  can cuddle him in bed and he will snuggle up to me instantly ūüôā When it comes to  his instincts,  I would say he is pretty good about  instinctively knowing  about people’s feelings  right off the bat  and knows when to come to that person to give them comfort.  If you’re  crying he  jumps right  up to you and  brushes up  your face trying to wipe the tears away.  I love that about Tigger  because he really does heal my heart and soul when he shows such   kindness to me.  But he does this to everyone that loves,  I  really love how he is  a good heart all the way around.

I named Yuna after   playing Final Fantasy 10.  I was always  concerned about her  health.  Back then, they  wanted to put her to sleep because  she was  still underweight and  at that time the shelter had the nerve to ask me to  give her up  (even though I have already paid for her )  and  pick another cat! I pretty much told them off at that time  and said I didn’t want another cat and it would make me more sad if they did  put her to sleep when she was still a kitten. Needless to say that I  checked in every week to check on her process and it took an extra month of waiting  before she  could get home to us but it sure was worth the wait.

Yuna is very independent and her personality is very opposite of Tigger.  She doesn’t come up to greet people  right away. In fact, she tends to be very hidden  when  people come to the house. If she  does come and greet you the first time  its considered a rare  opportunity  because it means she is in approval of what she sees.  She isn’t one that likes hugs either but she loves to be petted. Yuna tends to  make sure she is in a  safe place  before she gets affectionate. On the upside, Yuna is actually very smart.  It’s easily to teach her a lot of things. I  can get all firm the first  two times about something and she  gets it.  She understands  what is going on and what  she is not allow to do. For example, since both of my cats are  allowed to go outside, Yuna is the first cat to come back in the house. As soon as it gets dark, she  comes  home and stays home.  She doesn’t go anywhere far other than  hang out in the backyard. Yuna tends to balance out Tigger in a way. She is the more calm and gentle cat while Tigger is more the hyper and  energized kitty. One thing that I love about Yuna is the fact that she has a deep love for Tigger.  For example, if Tigger is late in coming home, I can go up to Yuna and  ask her where is your brother?  Where is Tigger?  She  will then go out and  call him to come back home.  Yes, Tigger does come home when Yuna is calling for him.

Both of my cats are 8 years old now! I love them and I love how I have matching set of kitties. They will be back in November for another visit so I will be taking  pictures more pictures of them. ūüôā

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