Manifesting Tip: Is TV Good For Us?


Today, I am gonna teach you a secret  manifesting tip I have used and that is to do with the television! Yes, the question above says it all. Is Tv Good For Us?  I guess  it depends on how you look at it but this  is what I have  learned from television. I have  discovered that television is actually bad  for my experience. When I say this , its because of all the  reality shows and news that is going on in today’s society.  I am  not saying to stop watching tv by all means  watch  it all you want but I have found there is  way too much  negativity in today’s news as well as some of the reality shows out there!  After all, remember  this phrase “Seeing is believing” Well  just think  about it a bit deeper…
Lets say  news is on…of course its important to know what is going on in today’s society but 90%  of the news we watch is negative! We hear all sorts of bad news! From kidnapping to shootings to robberies… those stories invoke fear in us! How about that  flight in Malaysia that disappeared presumed that its hijacked now? Doesn’t that  invoke fear in some people  about terrorism or its not safe to fly?  Fear is powerful emotion and what we see and hear  registers in our mind very easily. Trust me, you don’t want to hear that stuff! And while people may say news doesn’t affect them, they aren’t really being real anyways.  Even if  we say it has no effect  or very little effect the  fact of the matter  is they start talking how bad the world is!  Yes that is how bad the world is , but  it  doesn’t mean that your world is bad now does it?  Not if you  don’t believe  in what you hear or see on tv!
Here is a good example, if you’re trying to manifest money why would you want to hear how bad the economy is?  I know I don’t because I dont want to create that  kind of reality. Manifesting  money  means you believe that the money  is going to come to you regardless how the  economy is now!  Took me a long time  to understand this to attract the money that I do now! In  other words when  others are complaining how bad  their  economy  is or how slow their business is, or how their job sucks, etc… I  turn that into a positive for myself.  I visualize and believe for myself, the money will come to me no matter what. Be it  from my  shop or  psychic readings or from somewhere else… money will come. The key is to  not lock yourself down from  where the money will come from. Be  open to all  forms  of money coming your way!  But as far as TV is concerned when it comes to  manifesting money,  I actually  mute the tv when it talks about   everything that is negative. And this works for me because I feel more calm and relaxed which also means I love my life  more because Tv is not a distraction for me. And yes when I didn’t hear any of the bad news on the tv, I can say  I was manifesting  more money! Because I was not worried how  bad the economy was because I refused to hear how bad it was through the television.
But there’s more! You might want to stop watching bachelor/ bachelorette if you’re trying to manifest love into your life.  This way you can  visualize your dream person to come into your life. I dont know about you but think of all the  negativity that goes on that show.  I get it, its entertaining but it also  gives us subliminal messages  how  bad relationships are! After all, you’re trying  to manifest good healthy relationships and you certainly  dont need to see all this  negativity  going on between  couples.  Don’t get me wrong I  find Bachelor/Bachelorette entertaining and I do  still watch it from time to time but when the drama starts I mute the TV cuz I dont want to hear that kind of stuff…lol If I don’t mute my tv,  how can I stay positive about my own love life? It’s pretty  dramatic with these kinds of shows but if you  are not as sensitive as I am to  that stuff on  tv more power to you and keep on watching. Otherwise, if you are like me try using the mute button more….
The good news is not all shows are bad. Dancing With The Stars, is a  good one  even if stars get eliminated the theme  of it is at least they tried their  best and got a lt encouragement out if it most of the time.   And of course,  there’s nothing wrong with  fantasy tv or other  night time shows that are  entertaining  our minds more. those are actually ok because our mind can  tell the  difference  that its for entertainment purpose  only.
By all means, I have a challenge for you today.  Can you cut one program out your life to see  if it makes a difference in your life?   Do it for a week or 2 and let me know how it makes you feel? Does  it make you feel more positive about your  life or how you perceive your  own world?  If you can’t cut a show  out for a week,  try the news…  just don’t hear the  news or even see it  if you cant help it and see how it effects you!  Then let me  know what you think! Did this experiment  help you perceive things  differently.  I know it did for me  🙂

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