Manifest Your Wishes and Desires

I have been studying the  Law of Attraction since last  year.  Believe it or not,  when I first started  the law of  attraction, I was having a hard time  making  the law of attraction to work for me. It got me frustrated because like most of us who struggle with  this concept,  its the fact that we probably don’t  understand how  its needs to be applied to make it work.  For some of us it might be easy to  visualize  what we want  but  for some others  ( like me)  that  might not work. So here’s a  concept that works for me, you may  want to try to see if  its applicable to you!  In the  next few weeks I will cover ways to write your lists so you can  get what you desire! After all, the new year is about  getting  things done and feeling good about accomplishing what we want to do! So here let’s begin here!

  I dont know about you but I find just saying something  that I am going to do, isnt going to manifest the action  I need to take to  do what I need to do!  (lol)  That is until I came across reading on   writing  your own wish  list!  So I took a  chance on creating a wish list and  surprising this has worked for me!  Of course  it takes practice  and get into the habit of writing a list  of what we truly want.  If you are like me, you might not even know exactly what you really want in life. I know it was hard for me to ask for what I want because most of the time I think to myself   “Ok  I will eventually get  something or eventually  get there.” But that word eventually,  is  more  of me holding myself back from   succeeding in my own life. I have found that its such a  bad habit of mine that I am so giving that I rather treat people better stuff than for myself.  I  love making people happy but I seem to put myself  second to get things I like to have.  That is until I did my wish list.

The most basic way to make a list is to write it out exactly what you want. But First here are a few steps to keep in mind:

1. Have seperate wish lists.  Yes, I  find this a lot more effective than to lump it all into one wish  list. This is because it can keep you alot more  focused on your achievements and goals. When  things are all lumped together  in  one list its gets  cluttered  and hard to remember what we are asking for.  So I have found the best way that works for me is  to type this out on the computer. ( You can have separate notebooks and  journals  if that is what you desire, either way works)  I have one list for work and  money. Another list for my love life and  one  list  for  things that I desire to have which are usually items I want to own. This keeps  my thoughts  more organized in what I am  focusing  on to manifest! If I want to manifest  work, I go to my work list. If I want to do love, I go to my love list to write. It doesnt matter how many lists  you have as long as you have a lists to work on this can  help you keep  you motivated.

2.  Let’s start with  things we want list.  Think of something you have been wanting  to get yourself but   somehow you just haven’t had the chance to get or maybe its just out of reach because of the cost. Well don’t worry about it.  The Item of your desire can  be yours. It’s as simple as  writing it down on your list!   So we are going to write an item down now… My example today is a Kindle FIRE ( I am gonna tell you the story on this in a bit)

3. What you want to do is write it as if you have the item now.  Don’t write ” I want”  because writing I want  means you are  going to always just want it! Instead, write ” I have” and when you write I have make sure you express how it feels  to have it or what you are doing with it. Writing  this out will help your mind  shift and visualize the idea more  clearly as if you own it now. It  helps raises the  vibration of what we truly want and helps  take out of  our negative thinking  a lot easier. So back in November  I wrote this” I have a kindle fire. I use my  kindle fire to  read ebooks, manga and play games on it.”

4. Once you write it out let it be.  Don’t worry about how to achieve this  item of yours.  Just believe you have it  now! Some how some way the universe is going to help you get the this  item for  you! Just don’t worry about the details in how to manifest an item. It will come as long as you believe you can have it! Then  just go with the flow and go about your day!

5. What’s going to happen  is that you’re going to forget that you even  wrote that out and  pretty soon  the  item  will be yours ūüôā

So here’s how I manifested my  Kindle Fire!  I  basically wrote this down those two sentences in November and I was really excited about  receiving the item! I  could feel and visualize what it be  like to have  this item  where I could read my  books with ease and just relax on my bed to read and  play games on it too! Well what happened  is that I totally forgot I wanted the darn thing!  Christmas rolled around and here I was  getting christmas gifts for my family. It just happened that my brother  decided to ask me what I want for Christmas 2 days before ( nice right? he procrastinated until the last minute lol)  I wasn’t thinking of the Kindle at the time. I asked for a DVD player that would play Netflix.    I wanted  to stream  netflix  on my tv but it  turns out when I got it for Christmas, my tv was too  old to even use the Dvd player. So I told my  brother  to return  it because I couldn’t use it.   Hence, he asked me again what else I wanted because for Christmas I gave him a Nespresso machine! ( which is what I wanted but I decided with the amazing black friday deal to  make it a Christmas gift for him instead, since I love him bunches, but again see my habit is to give it to others first before myself) So I finally told him,  I have been wanting a Kindle to read books from amazon.  It  took me some time to confess I wanted the Kindle Fire ( thanks to my guides nagging me in my head). I even told him  its all good to get me a basic Kindle Fire which I was thinking  the 7 inch one with 8 GB.   Well it turns out that my brother went out to buy the darn thing right away  and here I was thinking he was gonna wait a bit  for it be cheaper or on sale right?  But nope my sweet little brother got me the Kindle 2 days later and to top it off it was better than I imagine. I  ended up with the Kindle Fire t inch HDX 16 GB instead! I am was so stoked like a little  school girl! And now that i have it,  before I go to bed I am on bed reading  a book or playing games or reading manga. ūüôā

Yes you can  manifest what you really want.  Just right it down and believe in the fact that  you can own it! It will manifest as long as we can feel we own it and  believe it is  ours!


  1. meowshirl says:

    I never thought to separate for wish list : Career, Money, Love, Want etc. I just write my 10 wish list each new moon (on notebook) and forget about it. Maybe I should give a try your method and label them different names under one notebook. I have notebooks under desk :/

    You are so right about [I am so giving that I rather treat people better stuff than for myself]. I often take the initiative, like a DIY card to a birthday gal and yet, I hardly receive anything from her. The reason is I want to treat her special and, hopefully she drop a line "thanks me .." which most will do.

  2. Joelle Chan says:

    yes I recommend trying to separate the LOA wish lists I have been doing this for over a month now and I have found it extremely effective because it helps me focus my goals for each section of my love life. Plus its fun to dream big!

    Aww I am, just like you i rather treat people better than myself of those things! But i think this year I am gonna try to treat myself more that is one of the goals… I absolutely love my brother not because of the Kindle HDX but he just has a good heart and is always generous he knows I don't treat myself enough so hence its why he goes out of the way to do things like this for me every once in a while ūüôā Just a blessing to have a family member like him ūüôā

  3. Joelle Chan says:

    I think the same thing which is why I always had put others before me too… I like to make others smile but then i realize i need to make me happy too then its all good:) yes try the writing stuff it really works i found it actually helpful ūüôā

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