Making Sample Candles For Sampler Boxes

Happy Monday  Everyone!  So all last week, I was busy with  family visiting me.  My cousin Jon and girlfriend Lani  came to spend time with me for 3 days.   My  dad also came to visit me  Saturday as well, so I spent some time to do some outlet shopping with him and had a nice  dinner  at Black Angus.  Love those  coupons  they sent out… so worth it!
Anyways,   With all that going on I was still able to get some  work done.  Since July, I started  doing  Love Thyself  Sample   candles for Out of the Box Sampler.  It took me a while to  figure out how  I was going to package the stuff and  get some sort of rhythm in making a total of 100 samples for them.  Gosh I  am glad that I even finished early  on that because I didn’t know exactly how long it would have taken me to push out 100 samples… whew! I did it and I finally scheduled the USPS to pick up my candles on Saturday! ūüôā   I will be in their  September Box  and since they were doing a Pink  box  for in  support of breast cancer awareness I decided to  distribute  Pink candles to match their theme.  

My   Peace candles are being made at the present moment. Actually, my  spirit guide David asked me to go ahead and crank out 50 of these candles.  So this weekend I have packaged  20 of these candles  so far.  Only 30 more peace candles to go so I plan to have them done this week and  shipped to The   Little Black box.   Again, these candles are going to be  available for their September boxes as well.

 Speaking of Peace candles, I know the color of that candle is slightly off.  It’s suppose to be baby blue  and for some reason  when I ordered it from a different company, I got this  color instead.  I also thought they sent me a different  color than I requested  but they told me that  the baby color was from a different company that they ordered from.  Sadly  the company who makes  the beeswax was not consistent with  their colors nor do they actually care about consistency their colors either..   I  personally like to have consistency of  the color I representing so it was just sad to see that this peace candle is not the  original baby blue.    Regardless, it still has a similar effect  as the original baby blue peace candle. No worries on the baby blue, I will go back to  the original candle company I was ordering from and reorder the blue from there. On a positive,  because the  baby blue wax was off color I did end getting all the wax  for free which was sweet of  the  lady to do that, I was not expecting that  to be honest. At least I got a positive out of it ūüôā

Has anyone encountered companies who doing aren’t consistent with their products?  What is your experience with them? Do you return to the same company to do business with?  I know that I like to see the consistency of quality  to my products so it did  bother me that the color was off. I guess you get what you pay for, because this color was cheaper on this site and it just didn’t turn out the exact color i was hoping for. I didn’t want it to go to waste so I decided to make sample candles out of it.

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