Making Magical Spell Candles

Creating spell candles  has been a passion of mine  for long time. I love how it gives us the positive lift when we burn these candles that I sell. It is what I aim for every time I do my candles. Of course to be clear here, I don’t slap my candles together right then and there.  A lot of time and energy goes  into each candle I  make for each person. But  before we get to how I make my candles, Let’s first introduce  the master behind my work, my healing guide Jason ūüôā  Jason is my master healer guide and while he is quite  shy most of the time what I  love about Jason is   he is super sweet, gentle and  he has  a lot of wisdom  to share about the herbs  oils and stones . He guides me through my process of each candle that I make.

1. Before I make the  candles, its best that I  refer  to a few books to make sure  I have the right ingredients for my candle.  I recommend using   two of Scott Cunningham’s books,  One is Called Encyclopedia  and Magical Herbs and the other one is called  called Crystal. Gem and Metal Magic. Both  books are great for  reference to   see what feels good to put in the candle.  Personally, I love  to have the experience of herbs and  stones. I like to go to a metaphysical shop where  I can smell the herbs and feel each stone  in my hand.   That might sound silly but honesty, it   is part of experience in selecting the  herbs and stones.  To feel connected  in what you are working with is so important.   I  always   feel the energy of everything ingredient before  I  decide if that is the correct ingredient I be using in my candles.

2. I don’t have a set timing  in doing my candles.  I  make candles when I feel  the  energy is right to make them.  Rather  that saying what day or time  I need to do the  candles,  I find it better to  just  get that feeling that its  time to make the candle. In fact, the candle has a better flow of energy when I do it this way. I plan when to make it.  My guides  have a way to increase the energy in the room naturally then tell me  its to make the candle.  I can also  feel the difference of energy when I enter my room. It has this big positive energy force around my work space when I begin my candle  work. I work in very high vibrations of energy when I make a candle.  It fact its sometimes can be hard for me to sleep if I do the candles  late at night.  blame St. Christopher or my guide Sarah for that.  I don’t know what  they do to raise the energy of my room but it can be very insanely high in vibrations before for start!

3.  I print out your intentions for the candle.  In fact I have it right with me and I sit  down read it several times out loud to myself. Why? Because I am  reading your energy . I also double check all my  ingredients, the herbs and  oils and the  stones I have before I begin.   Reading your energy before I begin making the candle is important, I  want to make sure I understand  what we are trying to manifest here  so I  must make sure  I have the right  visualization.

4.  During the process of the candle making  I usually like to add the oils first.  I will poor each oil in my hand, and  visualize the energy going into  the oil and  its like telling the  oil what their purpose is to do.  i can actually feel the  energy going into the oil before I rub  the oil into the  beeswax.  I do this for each  oil I need   add.  by the time the oil is done it is pretty  oily  on the beeswax  but I love it that way as I feel it gives a bigger energy burst!

6.  Next I add the herbs,  just  like the oils I  visualize each herb I am adding in there, and its purpose. I  again tell the herbs  what they are suppose to do before I add them in, making sure I am sending the energy into the herbs  before I sprinkle it  on the  beeswax.

7.   Energy stones go in last. I find it easier to add the stones in there last. Plus, the upside to this , I already energized  the oils ad herbs that  my hands are already full of energy  so  the stones are  going to have an easier time absorbing all the energy. I put the stones at the  bottom of the candle. Once I  am done,  I start rolling up my candles.  Sometimes I put one stone , in and roll half way and  then add  the next stone later.  Of course this all depends  on how the energy while the candle is being made.  There are also times when I think  I need to add  another oil or herb during the process while I am  rolling  the candle. It may sound funny, but  again energy shifts as I roll the candle, I can feel  what is needed in the candle as I work through the process of it.

8.   Once its all rolled up I seal it  with more  energy. I make sure  that I feel  the entire candle’s energy.  I  have this thing of checking my work and making sure it feels balanced. In fact what is neat about  making these candles is that when I  am  done with the candle, I can tell how the candle is feeling at the time and I  do get the sense the candle will work its magic. Another great thing  is that there are sometimes were I  have a little brief message  from the candle and I make sure I  give that message to the person receiving the candle. I  explain what I felt, saw and sensed throughout making  each candle. It’s pretty neat as I do feel its important  to let the client know what energy  is coming through the candle. I like them to be  aware  of the energy they will be working with.

9.  I am also in a positive mood when make each candle! No doubts ever enter my mind when I do the entire process. I am always  focused on the entire intention from start to finish per candle.

10. Lets glitter the candle.   Beeswax   sticks  to  pretty much  anything so I don’t to put glue or anything on it.  All I do is  roll the  candle into the  candle.  And yes, I send   energy into the  glitter.  I just  visualize  the energy and  put my hands  over the glitter a bit…   Since this candle is  green I am working with green and silver to  blend  both colors together…

11. Finally, when its all done I  log all the ingredients and oils  for each  candle I make for the client. It is all  logged into my excel program. When the client  sees  results and requests the same candle I can  go back to reference  what I put in it ūüôā

12. Ok time to light my candle ūüôā  For  those of  you that want to know what candle I just made for myself, its another  money candle to keep up the energy  for my business and bring in the money  I  need to make sure I have more than enough money coming in for me. And of course I have been putting in on my  money spell jar to make it even more powerful for myself.   I love honey spell jars now and will  have them out  for sale in my shop  next year .

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